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Taking advantage of the Office 365 installer, Microsoft forces Chrome users to use the Bing search engine

Microsoft is planning to use the Office 365 installer to force Chrome users to switch to the company’s Bing search engine. The company will do that by packaging a Chrome extension into the Office 365 ProPlus installer, which is used by businesses.

This extension will change Chrome’s default search engine to Bing. New Office 365 ProPlus installers and program updates will be bundled with this extension as long as Chrome’s default search engine hasn’t changed to Bing.

Clearly, Microsoft has been marketing this to IT administrators when enabling the Microsoft Search function in Chrome, but it seems that Microsoft is abusing its operating system’s position to force users to switch to Bing. If Bing is already set as the default search engine on Chrome, this extension will not be installed on your computer. Microsoft is planning to launch this product in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Germany and India next month.

ZDNets also emphasized that IT administrators are not satisfied with this move by Microsoft. Even a topic with a large number of Reddit participants wants this feature to be an option, rather than a mandatory installation on the machine.

Taking advantage of the Office 365 installer Microsoft forces Chrome users to use the Bing search engine | ICT News

The tweet shares how IT administrators block the installation of this extension in Group Policy.

Thankfully, IT administrators can block the installation of this Chrome extension through Group Policy, and users can also remove the extension after installation. Even Office users can remove Bing from the default search engine through the settings of this extension.

Refer to The Verge

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