Taking advantage of the corona pandemic, the online masks surged sharply with the reason: ‘If you don’t buy it, you won’t buy it later’

Facemask scarcity, price increase “surge” on the online market

As of 22h January 30, the Ministry of Health said there were 170 deaths worldwide related to the new strain of corona virus. In Vietnam, the agency confirmed that 3 people were positive for this pathogen, including 2 cases in Hanoi and 1 in Thanh Hoa. All three returned to Wuhan (China), currently isolated and treated at Thanh Hoa General Hospital and Central Tropical Hospital No. 2 (Hanoi).

Many days ago, taking advantage of the complicated situation of the corona epidemic, many people / associations / online sales groups calculated “gathering” and then pushed prices up, causing market disturbance. Purchasing power and demand soared, personal interests turned the ordinary medical masks only cost 30,000-40,000 VND, suddenly “pushed” to 100,000 VND, even 200,000 VND.

Many people lamented the price increase of masks.

Tuyet (40 years old, an office worker, Thanh Xuan district) said that normally she bought a 4-layer mask for only VND 40,000, but on the morning of January 30, this price doubled.

“The seller told me that importing at the price of 90,000 VND still has no goods, the place of acquaintances should leave the price of 100,000 VND, otherwise it is 120,000 VND. I think the important thing now is the people, especially the people. poor people, low-income people, etc. need to be supported to receive free masks, authorities should join, ban price increase of this item, especially when the corona virus outbreak has not shown any signs yet. hypothermia” – Tuyet is pressing.

Taking advantage of the corona pandemic the online masks surged sharply with the reason If you don t buy it you won t buy it later | Internet

The same type of mask but on this e-commerce floor, there are different prices, even 1 million and a half. Screenshots.

In the same opinion, Ms. Thu (35 years old, Hai Ba Trung District) said, usually she buys a medical mask of 50 pieces for 35,000 VND. However, at the time of the pandemic, the seller offered a price of 90,000 VND for the same product. Moreover, they do not sell the whole box, but divide it into retail, each pack of 10 pcs.

“I asked why the price was raised like that, the seller just said: Because there is no goods! Everyday, masks or disinfectant water” dusty “, now at” in danger “, the escalation escalated. They sell for a limited number, each can only buy a limited number. I think, at this time, a lot of money can not buy a cure for corona virus … ” – Ms. Thu shared.

Mr. Tuan (40 years old) said that the previous night (January 29, the fifth day of the Lunar New Year), many drug stores were not yet opened, the supermarkets were not operating again, he was forced to go online to find medical masks. for the whole family. He was really shocked at the series of “variable” according to the level of corona virus.

“After listening to news reports about the disease situation, I thought it was necessary to equip masks for my children, but social networks or e-commerce sites offer different prices, even masks. was introduced “Super product, effective, quality” up to 1 million. The saleswoman also told me, “If you don’t buy it, you won’t buy it later.” Everyone wants to make money but speculation and then encounter the price increase when people in danger should really not “, Mr. Tuan expressed.

Taking advantage of the corona pandemic the online masks surged sharply with the reason If you don t buy it you won t buy it later | Internet

People rushed to buy medical masks to prevent corona virus.

Mr. Nhat (25 years old), annoyed when the 9M mask shipment he ordered before Tet to prevent the corona virus, was online stores “pinned” the goods and sold them to others at a higher price.

He said, “Today (January 30) the shop reported canceling my goods, and I still blame it for not getting a shipper. I said I would come over and take it over and tell it to sell out, while my money is already paid. Why?” Because there is a translation that knows that we keep selling x5 x10 price, we definitely do not want to sell to customers who book in advance with the old price. the difference is only a few hundred smart but also greedy. Disease is a disaster not only for anyone … “.

N95 or 3M – are expensive products really effective?

The white / blue / gray medical masks compete “out of stock”, scarce, some pharmacies display “out of stock” goods that make people fall into misery. Not only that, the “matrix” of other masks, such as the 3M air filter, N95, almost appears rampant, with dozens of different prices, but does not have any accurate information, most which restaurant?

In many online “marketplaces”, 3M and N95 are “hunted” so hard that many people liken the price of masks to rise “even more” than pork prices. However, in fact, according to many experts, people should not spend money rushing to buy N95 or 3M masks, because these two types can filter dust with a diameter of 300-750 nanometers, while viruses have a structure. Simple structure, the average size of 100 nanometers, should easily fit through the N95 mask.

Taking advantage of the corona pandemic the online masks surged sharply with the reason If you don t buy it you won t buy it later | Internet

Experts say that people should not spend money to buy N95 or 3M masks.

Because of following the trend and not having enough time to explore carefully, many people are caught up in the price “game”, despite the fact that they sell and coordinate the sales efforts.

“We should not spend money to buy an N95 mask (if the economic ability and the actual situation does not allow it), you can use a medical mask properly (cover the whole half of the face from the nose and to chin, one-time use) is also very effective. If you wear extra glasses (any type), the better. “ – Dr. Nguyen Hong Vu (Cancer Research Institute, City of Hope, California, USA) shared.

Ms. Duy Anh – a Facebook user warned friends and relatives before some status of “fake” masks were leaked to the market, the quality was not guaranteed but the price was “exorbitant”.

“Faster than current gold price is definitely a mask!” – Duy Anh is funny. “Session sI also bought 50,000 masks with 4 layers of masks, in the afternoon, the same amount of money was only 3 layers but still sold out. Moreover, the fake type also sold 60,000 VND / box. Particularly masks 3M 9001V, the price in the sky that many shop owners “throw” the goods do not sell, buy a few dozen types, then it is fake. Buy a mask, remember to watch carefully everyone “.

Admin of a social networking sales group had to “publish” pressing before the situation that pushed the price of masks up continuously for many days. “All 3M face masks will not be approved, the one posted will automatically be deleted, the second one will be blocked permanently. The board of directors does not advocate an increase in mask prices due to the epidemic. not to mention the true quality “.

The Ministry of Health and experts recommend that people know how to wear a medical mask properly: the inside face is white, the face is blue / gray / black out, the aluminum rod snaps close to the bridge of the nose. Keep the nose and mouth closed.

When wearing a mask, do not touch it, because the hand touch accidentally spreads the virus and other pathogens into the hand, then transmits the disease to himself and others.

Absolutely do not use the handle to remove the mask, the habit of covering the mask with your hand will infect the virus and other agents on the hand.

When removing the mask, only hold the strap by the ear, remove it for safe disposal in the trash.

Wash your hands immediately after removing the mask.

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