Taking a selfie in the middle of rehearsing, the rookie had to take a life-long lesson not to forget

Recently, a rookie of the US naval force has caused its entire artillery team to be disciplined during a recent military exercise in the Mojave Desert, California.

Specifically, during a full-force drill held at the Twentynine Palm Marine Corps Air Combat Center, a rookie of the artillery force took a selfie photo during the rehearsal, expressing feelings of insignificance. same boring.

Of course, this rookie had not been bored long before he was deputy information commander of the Navy force, Ms. Lori Reynolds, directly down to “visit”.

The act of shooting pictures at military barracks like this is really dangerous

“In this picture you can clearly see he’s in the artillery force, and even the enemy can rely on this picture to determine the position of the team as well. And if they want to attack, then the whole artillery team. Your troops will almost die. “

“Lucky for him that this is a lesson at the Twentynine Palms – but in actual combat, he might have to pay for the life of both himself and his teammates,” Ms. Lori continued.

Last week, the US military imposed a ban with about 100 paratroopers belonging to the 82nd division, disallowing them to carry cell phones and electronic devices with them. This caution is absolutely necessary, especially in the context of tensions between the US and Iran.

Taking a selfie in the middle of rehearsing the rookie had to take a life long lesson not to forget | Explore

Basically, the military forces’ leaders are often warning their troops that their phones and electronic devices are fully capable of exposing them. Navy commander General Robert Neller once said in an interview in 2017 that he wanted to end his soldiers’ technology addiction – because they posed unpredictable dangers.

“They can reveal your position, and will put you in danger.”

In 2018, the health monitoring devices that some soldiers wear along with them provided the location of many military bases around the world.

Taking a selfie in the middle of rehearsing the rookie had to take a life long lesson not to forget | Explore

And as life and technology became more and more modern, war was also much different. Now they could not easily use radio waves to communicate between units, as well as monitor the battlefield situation as quickly as before.

“Every time they do, the soldiers are at risk of being attacked or breaking the wave.”

And that rookie might have learned a lifetime lesson about how dangerous a selfie can be.

According to Business Insider

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