Take a look at the movie series landing in October, action, comedy, horror all

If August and September marked the outstanding success of many “huge” titles like INCEPTION (2010 version), TENET, GREENLAND, DR.STRANGE (2016 version), October is a fertile land for a variety of options, for all age groups and interests. Check out what titles will be released in October this year.

Children or parents will not be able to miss the chance to watch two particularly exciting animated movies. TURU: TURKEY CHICKEN and COCO (2017 version) will be released on different dates 01.10.2020 and 09.10.2020. Next to the new movie title TURU: TURKEY CHICKEN then COCO returned to the domestic audience after the success of the team in 2017. This is an activity within the framework of the project to bring blockbuster movies to “visit” the big screen of CGV Vietnam. Humor, adventure but full of emotion are the right adjectives to describe these two animated titles. How will the hen with the special voice Turu have an unforgettable journey to find her former owner? How will Miguel in the COCO go on an adventure into the Land of the Soul to find family secrets? The answer will be open, engaging, novel, and emotional beyond our imagination.

The October film space is also “changed the wind” thanks to the release of the “super muddy” love and comedy film from Thai cinema. MY GOD! FATHER. The movie has the participation of 3 famous actors from 3 different stations: the hottest male god of Thai screen in 2018 with super product Go back in time to love Pope Thanawat, beauty of 7 station Sammy Cowell and him He is known as “holy bog” of Thai cinema, Ter Chantavit will meet together in the film, will officially debut to Vietnamese audiences from 16.10.2020.

Take a look at the movie series landing in October action comedy horror all | Manga/Film

October – the month of Halloween, which may be the reason that many horror movies choose the October period to debut. Up to 6 horror titles will land in theaters this October with a multitude of different nuances and scenes for movie-loving audiences to choose from. Movie fans who love the horror genre with elements of adventure, science – fantasy will not be missed DARK FOOTBALL (TRANSFERENCE: DARK MUTANTS) (premiere 02.10.2020), NIGHT MONSTER (SPUTNIK) (premiere 16.10.2020) and ALONE (premiere 23.10.2020). Each movie is a battle to deal with forces and conspiracies beyond the inherent human understanding.

Take a look at the movie series landing in October action comedy horror all | Manga/Film

In recent times, Russian cinema continues to invest heavily in horror films and has launched in Vietnam as well as in the world many attractive titles of this genre. In October this year, too, the Vietnamese market will welcome two new horror titles from Russian filmmakers: Forests (October 2, 2020) and BLOOD COME (09.10.2020). Exploiting mystical spiritual factors, Forests (Original name: THE WIDOW) – a promising production of Russian cinema with a storyline revolving around the dark forest and the mysterious spirit that dominates this forest for three decades – will bring viewers many moments engraved creepy hold his breath. While, BLOOD BROWNS (Original name: LET IT SNOW) again exploits the element of crime-driven horror, which acts when the main characters are confronted by the murderous hobbyist in a deserted snowy hill.

Take a look at the movie series landing in October action comedy horror all | Manga/Film

Up to now, Thai filmmakers have never let us down with horror movies, especially those in the spiritual – comedy genre. And in this October, the audience will once again be “scared and laughable” with two horror-comedy titles from Thailand: THE VILLAGE DEAD (Original name: THE LOST VILLAGE) premiere date 23.10.2020 and THE GHOULD: HORROR AT THE HOWLING FIELD premiere date 30.10.2020.

Speaking of the multi-color party of the October movie, it is impossible not to mention two representatives from the action movie line PAY REFUND SERVICE (October 9, 2020) and THE DOORMAN (30.10.2020).

Take a look at the movie series landing in October action comedy horror all | Manga/Film

THE DOORMAN With the characterful acting duo Ruby Rose and Jean Reno will bring an unforgettable action movie experience to the audience with the confrontation of a female soldier and the conspiracy of a group of professional thieves. The appearance of a «woman powerhouse» is no stranger to action movie audiences. However, Ruby Rose’s unique performance, daring beauty as a veteran, hides many past wounds will bring new special impressions to the audience.

Take a look at the movie series landing in October action comedy horror all | Manga/Film

SALARY REFUND SERVICE (Original name: HONEST THIEF) welcomes the return of action movie hero Nelson Liam in an indelible plot. In the role of a professional bank robber who never conquered the police, Liam Nelson once again “cut the hearts” of the audience when deciding to reimburse, pay for all his crimes in exchange for a pure life with people. I love. However, it is agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) – those who enforce the justice – to get greedy and hinder the step of the criminal “wants to turn around”. An indistinguishable right-left, white-black confrontation officially begins.

After reading the October movie list, have you targeted any movies yet. If so, don’t forget to take your butt off to the theater and enjoy it!

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