Take a look at the four great ninja battles in Naruto history to see how much peace is needed

The first is the bloody battle between powerful families to assert their unique position. But it had temporarily subsided after Hashirama and Madara, representing the Senju clans and Uchiha, shook hands to form Konoha, and the other nations followed suit. From there created the concept of the ninja villages today.

However, not so that the war completely ended. There is still political contradiction, greed for power, but in addition, there is the concept of Jinchuuriki from using the Tailed Beast as a tool to wage war. Present, Naruto and his comrades have established peace in the world. Therefore, let’s go through 4 great battles that took place in history to see why peace is everyone’s dream.

4. The 1st Great War of the Rings

This is the first great battle in history to form the ninja villages. This happened a long time after Hashirama Senju took office as the First Hokage. At this time, other villages had many internal problems. With that in mind, the First Hokage at that time opened the Five Great Kage conference, using the Tailed Beast as a gift of peaceful and friendly goodwill. However, that effort failed and the 1st Great Ninja War still takes place.

Trauma, loss is evident when almost the entire nation is involved in the war. Madara Uchiha was still fighting the incumbent Mu – Tsukikage and his pupil Onoki to confirm Konoha’s position. Even if Tobirama took the place of his brother, the situation wasn’t much better. But even those fighting years became more intense, after the Second Hokage was killed by the Kinkaku forces from the Lightning Nation. It was not until one of his students, Sarutobi Hiruzen, who took the Hokage’s chair, that the 1st Great Ninja War could end through an armistice.

3. The 2nd Great War of the Rings

The peace treaty from the first great war was only temporary, when the economic disparities between the countries became more and more serious. Some places are too strong, and some places have to live in poverty and evils happen everywhere. So the countries decided to invest in the military, using violence to expand their territory, thus broke out in the 2nd Great Ninja War.

This battle involved the Fire Nation, the Earth Kingdom, the Wind Kingdom, and the Lightning Nation. It mainly took place within the territory of the Thunder Nation, which according to Obito reported by Konoha, or more accurately, the Third Hokage. The Fire Nation was then the ones who benefited most, although every nation suffered serious damage.

This battle also marked the birth of the legendary Sannin when Orochimaru, Tsunade and Jiraiya encountered Hanzo. In addition, it must be mentioned that Jiraiya had the opportunity to meet and teach three orphans from the aftermath of the war, including Nagato, Konan, and Yahiko. Later, from the devastation of war, the same children formed Pain with world-changing ideals.

Take a look at the four great ninja battles in Naruto history to see how much peace is needed | GameK

2. The 3rd Great War of Ninja

The 3rd Great Shinobi Battle took place before the main event stream Naruto about 15 years. Set in a time when power from the Five Great Nations is gradually declining, the situation is now even more tense with conflicts in border areas with smaller nations. From what seemed to be very small and peacefully settable battles turned into the 3rd great ninja war. Once again, the five most vocal states were directly involved in the war.

Compared to the previous two times, this battle became even more cruel. It was also the 3rd Great Ninja War that created an inhumane military regime from the ninja villages, by bringing Gennin, who were just young boys, into the battlefield. A lot of noteworthy events took place, such as Minato’s group destroying the Kannabi Bridge, cutting off the main stone village supply route. Or the encounter between Minato and his brothers A (the Fourth Raikage) and Killer Bee.

This was the battle that made Minato famous as the “Golden Lightning of Konoha” and witnessing the heroic departure of the third Raikage. The two main agents of the war, the Fire Nation and the Earth Kingdom, have made a memory of peace to end the battle. But Onoki only really agreed at the time after he saw firsthand the power coming from Minato Namikaze, who later became the Fourth Hokage.

Take a look at the four great ninja battles in Naruto history to see how much peace is needed | GameK

1. The 4th Great War of Ninja

The Fourth Shinobi Battle was the first time the world had seen all the villages stand on the same frontline, forming a ninja alliance to fight a common enemy. Obito Uchiha and Kabuto were the ones who started this war, with the goal of capturing the remaining two Tailed Beasts, Kurama and Gyuki. This is considered the battle with the largest scale and severity in the series Naruto, when the ninja alliance was confronted by a friendly army of White Zetsu and talented shinobi who had already died but returned through the Edo Tensei forbidden technique.

The situation became even more difficult in the presence of Madara and then the mother of the Six Paths of the Sage, Kaguya Otsutsuki. Difficulty and loss in force are obvious. But Naruto’s spirit inspired the entire force of the shinobi to stand up and continue fighting against the enemy. Konoha Team 7 with the core of the Naruto duo with Sasuke became the mainstay of defeating Obito, Madara and sealing Kaguya with Rikudo: Chibaku Tensei.

Although the ideological disagreement led to a fight in the end, both Naruto and Sasuke were instrumental in rescuing the entire ring world from eternal Tsukuyomi, thereby establishing the foundation. lasting peace for the world. Up to the later Boruto era, the villages are now as a unity, mutually supported by a spirit of enduring friendship.

Take a look at the four great ninja battles in Naruto history to see how much peace is needed | GameK

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