Take a look at 5 brothers of ‘Detective Conan’, with a set of 6 pages

Referring to Gosho Aoyama, we immediately mention the famous detective series, the famous Detective Conan. However, in addition to this popular manga, Gosho Aoyama also has 5 other famous manga. Let’s take a look at the top 5 manga series that are as popular and attractive as Detective Conan of this famous mangaka.

Gosho Aoyama is not only famous for Detective Conan


Launched in 1988 until 1993, Yaiba is the name that brought Gosho Aoyama closer to audiences in Japan. Taking a story about the samurai boy Yaiba and his friends, Yaiba brings humorous yet humane stories to the audience.

Until now, Yaiba is still questioned by many Vietnamese audiences about the final ending and the existence of “Yaiba episode 24”. If you feel that Kimetsu No Yaiba’s demonic-killing world is too heavy, Yaiba is the right manga title for you.

Take a look at 5 brothers of Detective Conan with a set of 6 pages | Manga/Film

Yaiba is considered a very suitable series for children

Chotto Mattete – Wait For Me

Released in 1987 and the debut work of Gosho Aoyama, Chotto Mattete doesn’t seem like a fledgling work at all. This love manga series takes the main character of a genius student named Yutaka Takai. In order to be on par with his girlfriend over 2 years old, Yutaka has built a time machine! With the reason of being quite banana, Yutaka created a lot of fluctuations in the time flow and caused many complicated consequences.

Chotto Mattete was also adapted into an anime OVA episode with many cameo characters (cameos) from Conan such as: Ran Mori, Dr. Agasa, Sonoko, Genta.

Take a look at 5 brothers of Detective Conan with a set of 6 pages | Manga/Film

Chotto Mattete – Wait For Me has a pretty interesting story

Yonban Sado – Hit 4 Hit 3

Yonban Sado is a short story written by Gosho Aoyama right after Yaiba ended. The story is about an ordinary baseball boy who dreams of competing in the Koshien tournament (Japan’s biggest baseball tournament for high school students). Once, thanks to buying a magic baton, he easily hit every ball and was quickly sought after by the teams. However, the price to pay for this magic is far from easy.

In Vietnam, Yonban Sado was released under the name Beat 4 Key 3 produced by Kim Dong Publishing House. Gosho Aoyama’s collection of short stories has also been merged and printed together in the two volumes of Fighting 4 Pin 3. These short stories include:

Take a look at 5 brothers of Detective Conan with a set of 6 pages | Manga/Film

Yonban Sado – Hit 4 Hit 3 is very attractive

Play It Again.


Natsu No Santa – The Summer Snowman.

Tantei Jooji No Minimini Daisakusen! – Detective George’s Mini Tactical Mini.

Chotto Mattete.

Magic Kaito

Did you know that Kid Thief appeared before Conan? Debuting in 1888 to 2007, Magic Kaito has a total of 5 manga volumes revolving around Kaitou Kid and his “theft”.

Take a look at 5 brothers of Detective Conan with a set of 6 pages | Manga/Film

Magic Kaito is a popular series written by Gosho Aoyama

Although the manga is quite short, Kid easily became a character that is extremely popular with audiences thanks to his epic appearances in Conan. According to author Gosho Aoyama, Magic Kaito is still in the “pause” stage, so fans can fully hope that Kid’s story will continue after… Conan ends.

Watashi Ni Uso Wo Tsuite – Tell Me A Lie

After starting to compose Conan in 1994, Gosho Aoyama hardly works on any other projects. However, in 2007, the short story Watashi Ni Uso Wo Tsuite was born in one of his “improvisation”.

With the content about a girl with the ability to read other people’s minds, Watashi Ni Uso Wo Tsuite seems to be a promising new series by Gosho Aoyama. But the author has beaten the expectations of the audience when this manga is only 6 pages. However, Watashi Ni Uso Wo Tsuite is still enough to make readers curious, eager and extremely looking forward to it being written seriously in the future.

Take a look at 5 brothers of Detective Conan with a set of 6 pages | Manga/Film

Tell Me A Lie – Tell Me A Lie is a very humane series

Above are Top 5 manga authored by Gosho Aoyama as famous as Detective Conan. Have you been ready to read these manga, please leave your comments by commenting in the lower part of the article!

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