T1 star ‘star’ 2k and the most notable young faces before the Chinese – Korean War

Knight – Top Esports

Zhuo “Knight” Ding is a rare young talent that has established himself in a top team like Top Esports, despite the influx of immigrant players from Korea. Highly trained under the colors of Young Miracle, the cradle of the Ning, Tian won the world championship later, Knight gradually asserted his name under the color of Suning Gaming and now Top Esports.

The Spring 2020 tournament was probably the culmination of Knight’s career when he excelled with Syndra. It was Knight’s demands for Syndra that greatly contributed to TES blowing Invictus Gaming to the finals. It’s a pity that he lost to JD Gaming and soaked in the runner-up position, maybe the upcoming Chinese-Korean War is an opportunity for Knight to find himself the first major title of his career.

Knight with The Shy brain hack is extremely class

Kanavi – JD Gaming

Besides the controversy between Griffin and cvMax coach, it is Seo’s “slave” contract “Kanavi“Jin-hyeok with this team made Korean League of Legends at that time flutter. In such a situation, it is difficult for any team to focus on competing when their future is still so tough. However, that difficulty was transformed into a driving force by Kanavi and with JD Gaming to win the convincing LPL Spring 2020 championship.

T1 star star 2k and the most notable young faces before the Chinese Korean War | Esports

Kanavi is the MVP of LPL last spring

Comprehensive is probably the most accurate thing to describe about Kanavi when he deals with every champion in the meta that is extremely well rounded and properly matched with the quality, perhaps doing the basic things perfectly. excellent Coming to the upcoming China – Korea War, Kanavi and JD Gaming as LPL champions are undoubtedly the number one candidates for the championship title.

Canna – T1

Kim can be said “Canna“Chang-dong is very lucky to be guided by coach Kim, who is extremely cool when training the top lanes. With a wide pool and can play with many different styles, Canna can adapt. Very well with all the top laners and help T1 Steady in the mid game. Therefore, the fact that T1 fans regret Khan’s coming to Funplus Phoenix is ​​gone, instead, it is extremely assured of Canna’s top position.

T1 star star 2k and the most notable young faces before the Chinese Korean War | Esports

Canna is growing more and more in T1 colors

And the initial success came with T1’s “Morning Star 2k” as this team continued the tradition of excellent play at the play-off and won the LCK Spring Split in 2020. China – Korea Dai Chien is the tournament. Canna’s first major international match, hoping that this young man will continue to be as high as the LCK in the spring and maybe T1 will have another title again?

Showmaker – Damwon Gaming

Damwon Gaming’s young and somewhat shy player is now considered to be the mid-gen talent of the next generation of LCK with extremely wide skill and champion pool. Even in the last few days, Pigs “Showmaker“Su expanded his tank further with the challenge of climbing Challenge without playing a champion more than 2 times, resulting in the guy who reached the highest rank of the Korean server after only 87 games with 87 different generals.

T1 star star 2k and the most notable young faces before the Chinese Korean War | Esports

Will this international debut of Showmaker fail as at Worlds 2019?

Despite having the opportunity to compete at Worlds 2019, the Showmaker of last year was considered too “young” when faced with extremely strange players from other regions. Hopefully pre-tournament training efforts will help this guy shine in the upcoming China – Korea War, instead of being knocked out as disappointed as Worlds just now.

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