T1 social network management was accused of being tolerated for cursing the BLV LS

Recently, Bwipo – Fnatic’s Top laner and close friend LS, has posted a post on Twitter with content exposing some of the Administrators’ work T1 are implicitly tolerating LS’s cursing actions from a fan department.

The post was deleted shortly thereafter, but the Twitter community soon shared this content widely, along with a specific image of Stella’s message – The person who is said to be an Official Discord Administrator of T1 , asking the Mods (moderators) not to interfere in messages that contain curse and attack on LS.

“When you are online, remember to control the mods and prevent them from taking any action. If necessary, please remove their management rights. We are being watched very hard from the members. Council.”

This message is said to target mods that intend to delete or remove messages with offensive content, disparaging LS. After that, a large number of censors actively gave up their positions to protest against this action.

Previously, on T1’s Discord, many fans posted content criticizing LS, reminiscent of the scandal of using bugs when he was a Starcraft player, but more serious is cursing content. sex and ethnicity of the LS.

What annoys fans is that the mods in T1 Discord almost do not interfere with the control of these bad content, under the pretext of “waiting for the decisions of the members of the board”, and the community. Western League of Legends is proving to be quite frustrated with T1’s behavior.

Meanwhile, at LS’s Discord, his temporary representative – Macaiyala has posted information about this BLV is in a very bad mood, and has stopped all activities on social networks, including Youtube.

” […]

LS is in an unstable mental state. He has been working so hard for the past few months and barely sleeping, or sleeping very little, which obviously affects his health. I talk to him every day, if people wonder why I can grasp his condition. I wanted to say that he was fine, but events that happened nearby left us powerless. “

It is important to clarify that not all T1 fans have a grudge against LS. Since the news about the BLV being able to become a member of the coaching board of this team, there have been many mixed opinions.

T1 social network management was accused of being tolerated for cursing the BLV LS | Esports

And up to the present time, the information about the Discord management of T1 showing signs of abetting the attacks against the LS has made the majority of fans really disappointed. In the opinion of fans, even if the LS did not deserve to sit on the T1 training bench, the act of turning a blind eye so that such offensive words appeared blatantly in the fan community (Discord of T1 is also not allowed.

Moreover, if the information leaked out is correct, then apparently T1 also contacted and intended to cooperate with LS, but until now when the deal broke down, the actions of these Discord mods. like “running out of ships and drains”.

Currently, the incident is still causing T1 to receive a lot of criticism from the League of Legends community, and some information from Korea confirms that SK Telecom – The group that owns T1, is making new moves to regain the control of T1 organization from the Western partners to bring things back into the framework.

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