T1 looking for the recipe to win the 2021 season with 2 blockbusters Nuguri and Keria?

Although just gone through a failed season, but the moves of T1 In the transfer market so far it can be said that it is quite quiet. Except for the recruitment of a duo of coaches who have just won the CKTG championship – Daeny and Zefa from DAMWON Gaming, this team has not yet made any move to replenish forces.

However, transfer rumors surrounding the former LCK champion have never been lacking. Recently, SeolHaeOnePRINCE’s Weibo page – One of the teams that played in the 2020 LCK Summer Split but did not participate in the franchise slot, and did not participate in the 2021 Spring LCK, revealed the information. is the transfer activity of Korean teams at the present time. (The funny thing is that the post was later deleted, and then SP’s Admin Weibo had to post an apology message, because he intended to use his personal account to post but … posted it wrongly by Fanpage)

Although not specifically mentioned, but according to this post, Keria and Nuguri will be the ones T1 aims to complete the squad for the 2021 season. Even, the jungle position will likely change, when Cuzz’s future is not guaranteed at present. This information is revealed in 3 details:

“- DWG signed new contracts with all players except Nuguri. He will join a team with a T (T1 or KT?).

– Keria will be playing alongside the No. 1 ADC LCK (Teddy).

– T1 will buy a new Forest. “

Nuguri, as we all know, was a key player in DAMWON Gaming’s CKTG 2020 crowning roster. Recently, this player officially became a Free Agent after temporarily not renewing his contract with DWG.

The reason was initially thought to be that Nuguri’s health condition was not going well, which made him consider taking a break for a while. But it seems T1 does not want to miss this opportunity and is working hard to recruit Nuguri into the squad.

T1 looking for the recipe to win the 2021 season with 2 blockbusters Nuguri and Keria | Esports

DAMWON’s top laner is considered to be the most comprehensive type of player since the peak of Marin, and so it’s understandable that T1 wants to have him. However, what makes fans wonder if Nuguri joins where will Canna go? Indeed, the fact that one of the two top laners in the LCK has to accept the bench is unlikely. Canna has in fact performed very well in the T1 shirt, so if this team picks Nuguri and lets Canna go, this is definitely a controversial deal.

Meanwhile, the Support position is also a similar story, but it seems easier to “solve”, Keria is the best player of DragonX next to Chovy, helping this team finish in the LCK runner-up. Summer 2020 and reached the quarterfinals of Worlds 2020. While Effort had a memorable second half of the season with a serious decline, and many times, the player’s mistakes became the cause. lead to the failure of T1.

T1 looking for the recipe to win the 2021 season with 2 blockbusters Nuguri and Keria | Esports

In general, if T1 successfully recruits Nuguri and Keria (along with a new Jungler), their lineup will be greatly upgraded. But the problem is that T1’s current roster isn’t a lack of potential, and pushing Canna and Effort alone could be the trigger for a wave of reaction from the gaming community, as this is. 2 names are very popular, and also made a great contribution to the 2020 LCK Spring Championship of this team.

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