T1 easily destroyed KT, the great telecommunications war in a place now?

Together with G2 – Fnatic, RNG – EDG, the couple T1 (SKT T1) and KT Rolster used to create classic confrontations in the name of the enemy, when their encounters were praised as “The Great Telecom War,” and the Korean Super League match. post-Samsung Blue – White period.

However, the time that caused the whole world to pay attention of the T1 – KT match is only a thing of the past. In the match between two teams of the group stage LCK Spring 2020 Just finished a few minutes ago, KT was easily crushed by T1 with a score of 2-0, because the play was too sporadic, as well as a series of extremely difficult personal mistakes of the players.

It can be said that T1 players in this match almost do not do much, they just implemented the tactics set out methodically, the rest was … KT lo. In particular, the jungler on the KT – BonO side was also nicknamed the “comedian”, “T1’s underground agent” … because of a series of extremely difficult handling, making the home team more quickly lost to Faker and his teammates.

In fact, KT Rolster has shown signs of weakening a lot from the 2019 season, even last spring, despite being the reigning champions, Score and his teammates have not been braking since. After the defeat at Worlds 2018, they only ranked 9/10 this season and were forced to relegation.

Entering the summer period, things got a little better when KT finished with 8th place in the group stage, just enough to stay in the rankings. But that also could not save the fact that Score had a very forgettable final season with KT’s poor performance.

T1 easily destroyed KT the great telecommunications war in a place now | Esports

The last hope that Score wants to make before retiring is just to help KT relegation success

By the 2020 season, the final pieces of the Super Team year are Score and Smeb, respectively, leaving the team, KT returning to the LCK arena with a lineup of mid-level players, and as a result, they are ranked in “familiar” position at the bottom of the chart. Along with APK Prince, KT is the team that hasn’t won any victories yet.

T1 easily destroyed KT the great telecommunications war in a place now | Esports

KT’s current roster cannot compete with many other teams in the LCK

Losing to T1 was their third consecutive loss. Clearly, the nature of a famous LCK derby in the past of the LCK is now no longer preserved, even when T1 shows signs of weakness, KT is still too inferior in terms of force and level compared to the opponent. Sadly, perhaps the goal of the former Korean League of Legends champion in 2018 is only to fight for the relegation race.

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