Sword of Kim Dung: When Phong Phong Duong competes in the Endless Invincible, what will the results be?

Swordsman two thousand and thirteen is a Chinese drama produced by Yu Chinh in 2012, adapted from a novel of the same name by writer Kim Dung. The film, starring Huo Jianhua, Chen Qiao En and Yuan San San, first aired in China in 2013.

Script content Swordsman two thousand and thirteen With too many modifications, the new episode is believed to have ruined the original story of the late writer Kim Dung.

The scene in the movie Tieu arrogant Gypsy 2013.

In Smugglers Wanderer 2013 appeared competition scene between Phong Thanh Duong and the Undefeated Dong Phuong, although not inconclusive, but this incident also made many fans of swordplay Kim Dung excited.

In the novel Swordsman the late writer Kim Dung described Phong Thanh Duong as a refuge on Hoa Nu Ngoc Hoa of Hoa Son, he only appeared once in this novel when he passed on the secret of the Lonely Sword to Command Ho Xung, then did not appear. and only known by the praise of other characters for his talent and dignity.

Sword of Kim Dung When Phong Phong Duong competes in the Endless Invincible what will the results be | Manga/Film

Creating Phong Thanh Duong in the film “Tieu arrogant” in 2013.

Phong Thanh Duong, who was the late Grand Master of the Grand Master Hoa Son Nhac Quan, was also the Grand Master of Lenh Ho Xung. Phong Thanh Duong is the representative of the Kiem-tong faction in the Hoa Son sect, liberal nature, likes freedom, hates the rules and rules of the Wanderer. He was the one who wielded the secret of the Single Poison from the Lonely Poison Bridge. As a young man, Phong Thanh Duong traveled back and forth and was a top-ranked swordsman few people could catch up with, and he was admired by both his talent and his dignity.

Capital does not want to fight, so he hid in the rear on Ngoc Nu Phong, thus escaping the fraternal fraternity in the Hoa Son faction due to the conflict between the two sides. Also during his retreat, Phong Thanh Duong developed the theory of the Lonely Sword of the Lonely Bridge, from which there were 9 principles, becoming a general principle of “no-one-way-by-winning”.

Sword of Kim Dung When Phong Phong Duong competes in the Endless Invincible what will the results be | Manga/Film

Creating The Undefeated Orient in the film Tieu arrogant Gypsy 2013.

In the novel The Undefeated Oriental character, it is no exaggeration to say that it is both a supporting character and a protagonist. The secondary character is because he is portrayed through the narratives of many other supporting characters, making the reader feel that he is a very evil person. However, as soon as Lenh Ho Xung, Nham Nga and Nham Doanh attacked him, suddenly, from a great evil, he became a lover, selling his life to beg for the life of his loved one.

The late writer Kim Dung once described the Undefeated Oriental character as follows:

“Not only desiring the title of the Priest of the Japanese Nguyet theology, Dong Phuong also wants martial arts to know him with the title Vo Lam unique, The unbeaten world …

Catching this evil mind of his, the Japanese ruler Nguyet Nham Ngã Hành deceived Dong Phuong to practice the martial arts of Quy Hoa.

Although Dong Phuong has gained martial arts skills when he has finished training, the price is self-sufficient and his life can no longer live in the name of a macho man. ”

Next, through his talented pen, writer Kim Dung further described the change in lifestyle and mood of the Undefeated East as:

This person’s temperament gradually became feminine, after capturing Nham Ngã Hanh and occupying the throne of the Japanese Sun Moon god, the Undying Orient has redecorated the cult’s main room into a palace. royal court type for the royal concubine or queen at that time).

However, writer Kim Dung has never asserted that the Undefeated Orient was completely transformed into a girl.

About Unmatched Oriental Martial Arts after learning The Flower Ancestral Flower has become a champion martial artist. Even the four masters, Nham Nga Hanh, Lenh Ho Xung, Nham Doanh and Huong Van Thien combined were not equal to the Undefeated Orient. Only when Nham Doanh caught Duong Lien Dinh – Dong Phuong’s lover and used him to control Undefeated East. Thanks to that, Order Ho Xung had severely defeated the East Coast.

Before his death, the Undying Orient had humbled and begged Nham Nga to spare his life and care for Duong Lien Dinh.

Rejected and killed by Conqueror Duong Lien Dinh, the unbearably Orientist angrily stabbed at his right eye with a pin before being killed by Nham Hanh.

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