Sword of Kim Dung: Vuong Ngu Yen did not marry Doan Du, but went to Mo Dung Phuc

In the novel Thien Long Bat Bo, The late writer Kim Dung described Vuong Ngu Yen to be endowed with heavenly beauty and a more diligent intellect. She memorized almost every martial art scriptures in the world (except for the Six Circles of the Gods Sword of Doan Thi Dai Ly and Dich Lich Kinh of Shaolin), so that everyone who hit a single move she called the correct name. there, at the same time knowing how to solve it.

Because of that, Vuong Ngu Yen unknowingly became a living dictionary of martial arts, and because she did not know martial arts, many forces yearned to kidnap her in order to pressure her family name and let her teach her. lost martial arts moves.

Vuong Ngu Yen (Liu Yifei) in Thien Long Bat Bo in 2003.

In the story, Doan Du always worships Vuong Ngu Yen as an extremely pure and noble fairy. While his “Billionaire Angel” is only one heart devoted to deep, faithful love for Tomb Dung. Day and night, she memorized all the scriptures and martial arts secrets in the world in the hope of helping Mo Dung Phuc improve her skills.

However, despite knowing that Vuong Ngu Yen secretly loves her, and mentally considers her a soul mate, but for Murong, great career is first. He was willing to put everything aside for a glorious illusion.

When we knew that Doan Du was the prince of Dai Ly, in order to win the hearts of the Youth Union of Mo Dung Phuc, Vuong Ngu Yen and Doan Du were created.

Not only considering Ngu Yen an item of exchange, Mo Dung Phuc also wanted to find herself a capable and powerful wife. So when he heard the news of Tay Ha country was cocooning, hero Mo Dung Phuc immediately joined in, hoping that he could become a horse, to borrow Tay Ha troops to restore Dai Yen.

To achieve that, Mo Dung mercilessly betrayed Wang Ngu Yen who had followed her for a long time, refusing her sincere love to find another illusion. On the way to Tay Ha to propose, Mo Dung tricked Doan Du into throwing him into the well because he wanted to eliminate one opponent.

Mu Dung also ignored him when Vuong Ngu Yen plunged into the well in despair when he learned that he was determined to put great karma above his feelings. This incident caused Vuong Ngu Yen to break his heart, extremely compassionate, and fortunately changed his destiny and stepped onto a new path full of luck. Only with Doan Du’s side can she be happy and square.

In the movies Thien dragon bowl set Previously, the couple Doan Du – Vuong Ngu Yen with the perfect ending was happy together, making viewers feel satisfied.

Sword of Kim Dung Vuong Ngu Yen did not marry Doan Du but went to Mo Dung Phuc | GameK

Doan Du (Lam Chi Dinh) and Vuong Ngu Yen Thien Long in 2003.

However, in the 2009 post-2009 revision Thien dragon bowl set, writer Kim Dung let Vuong Ngu Yen return to take care of Mo Dung Phuc.

Accordingly, Doan Du realized that his love for Vuong Ngu Yen was due to her beauty resembling the jade statue, not love from the bottom of his heart, he considered Vuong Ngu Yen as a younger sister, and let her departure. Through many last events, Doan Du returned to Dai Ly to establish Moc Uyen Thanh as queen, Chung Linh as concubine.

As for Vuong Ngu Yen, when she learned that the Tieu Dao sect had permission to stay (previously because she was accidentally drained by the Doan Du in the well, she felt that she was getting old quite quickly), she felt very excited and want to learn it, but the people who know this subject like Vo Nhai Tu, Thien Son Dong Lao and Ly Thu Thuy have all died so she cannot study. She returned with A Bich to take care of Mo Dung Phuc (who was now crazy).

In sets Thien dragon bowl set 2014, director Lai Thuy Thanh, has left the end to comply with the most recent and final revision of the late writer Kim Dung about this novel.

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