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Super Mario and famous games are difficult, but there is a super easy boss to lure players

The final bosses in the usual video games will be the greatest challenge for gamers. After going through a series of dangers, crossing the rugged terrain, you have finally come to the battle that will be extremely fierce with the final boss. You must expect a gruesome battle with a series of magical rockets or storms of bullets and bullets that are almost inevitable. Must be happy, but not beat alone, and hit is to “stretch” to be able to satisfy, right? However, not all games design a boss fight that makes gamers satisfied. It is not rare that the famous game, but the final boss is an extremely easy exercise, causing players to be disappointed. And here are the titles of such games.


It’s not easy to criticize a classic like Super Mario Bros., but obviously the boss battle of the plumber guy is much bolder than imagined. After dozens of well-designed levels with traps from small to large, it was hoped the final battle of this game would be a little different. The princess will not be saved easily, Browser will march Mario ashore to the field. However, all have toppled when this battle is too challenging, and once you confront the king of Koopas, all you have to do is jump over this ugly boss. It’s even easier if you have a mushroom in Mario’s stomach, because you can run right through Koopas without breaking a sweat.


Super Mario and famous games are difficult but there is a super easy boss to lure players | Game Online

Fable 1 has made the player satisfied when the boss battle screen is quite well prepared. Yet somehow, instead of a dragon, the boss of Fable 2 is an old man who can be killed with a bullet. When Lucien Fairfax goes into the villain’s monologue in the final scene of the game, you can end the game just by firing a bullet. If you decide not to shoot and listen to the whole boring monologue, one of your teammates will shoot him down. There is no other way for this … boss battle, sounds quite human, but not satisfied at all. Killing a final boss is harder than eating candies. Design boss fight that like this is not really good at all.


Super Mario and famous games are difficult but there is a super easy boss to lure players | Game Online

The last boss of Borderlands was so bad that gamers created a meme afterwards. An alien god, appearing “cool”, looks like a Pandora box that, when opened, will be filled with horrors for everyone in the way. It looks like it will be an epic battle here. But no, the entire experience of the Borderlands boss battle consisted of shooting at designated weaknesses, hiding behind pillars to avoid tentacles and repeating that until the boss died. Reward? Nothing. Players were terribly bored, yawning was short, something that Gearbox had to admit in the introduction of Borderlands 2.


Super Mario and famous games are difficult but there is a super easy boss to lure players | Game Online

You just have to hold the button for a long time and wait for the last boss to collapse? It sounds like a joke, but that’s exactly what happens when you fight Lambent Brumak, the final boss of Gears of War 2. All your adventures and all the Locust you’ve passed will be nothing. if compared to this “great” boss battle. A fight that takes time and a little fatigue. If you are too lazy, you can ask your grandmother to hold the household button and go to do something more useful and then come back to receive the reward later.

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