Super Gunner JackeyLove officially found a new port, Suning Gaming ‘had no hope’

Despite being in the online stage, but not so that the mid-season transfer of LPL Spring Season 2020 was interrupted. A few minutes ago, the first blockbuster was officially activated, when the image JackeyLove – The former world champion 2018 appears at Gaming House’s TOP Esports has been revealed.

The leadership of this team has also confirmed that information about the Gunner who participated in Invictus Gaming will officially join TES and be included in the list of competing stages of the LPL Spring Split group stage of 2020.

So after months of missing, the new dock of JackeyLove has finally been decided. Both Invictus Gaming and Suning Gaming – The two teams, arguably the most active in persuading JackeyLove to sign the contract, have failed in this deal.

And perhaps, the most regretful people at the moment are Suning Gaming fans as well SofM. At one point, SN was very close to getting JackeyLove in the pre-season transfer, but then for some reason, JackeyLove finally decided to take a break from playing, and SN was forced to look for a Another sniper to replace – huanfeng.

While IG is still flying high with the impressive performance of rookie gunner Puff, Suning’s fluttering style makes the fans of this team even more regretful for missing a blockbuster deal. Especially, before that, they had let their star – Smlz leave to make way for JackeyLove’s seemingly “reasonable” joining.

Super Gunner JackeyLove officially found a new port Suning Gaming had no hope | Esports

JackeyLove was once expected to become SofM’s teammate in Suning Gaming, when the pre-2020 transfer market opened.

Currently, SofM alone is not enough to improve SN’s play, they still have impressive victories, and huanfeng sometimes shines with good team carries, but that has not been able to help. SN competes for a favorable position in the race to playoffs, their too young squad really can not afford to face other “bosses” like IG, RNG, FPX, or even Super rookie eStar.

Meanwhile, the direct competitor of SN – TOP Esports is now just like “growing wings” when having the service of JackeyLove, one of the top LPL shooters currently.

It seems that the journey to the glory of SN will last for quite a long time, if they can not add a quality contract or improve their unstable performance.

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