Super cool is still luxurious: Only a big fan – high-class ceiling fan is beautiful!

Skillfully designed and carefully calculated, the large blade fan is a ceiling fan favored by the wealthy for large family spaces.

What are large propeller fans?

As the name implies, large blade fans are larger than normal ceiling fans. The impeller diameter / wingspan of this type of decorative ceiling fan usually ranges from 60 ″ (1.52m) extending to 120 ″ (3.1m). They are often used in factories or large family spaces.

Super cool is still luxurious Only a big fan high class ceiling fan is beautiful | Live

Large fan blades are usually made from many different materials (wood, PC plastic, iron, aluminum, …) and can be integrated with chandeliers. In order to meet the high quality requirements, high-grade large rotor fan materials are usually made according to international standards and can be sprayed with stainless paint. The designs must be studied and completed for months. All are aimed at: Creating strong airflow, ensuring cooling function, integrated multifunction (lighting – cooling – beauty), preventing damage, warping due to collision and termite (fan type made from wood), helping the engine run smoothly and durable, minimizing the impact of the environment (air humidity, sun, rain, …).

To answer the question: Is a large fan (large wing fan) good ?, players often classify fans to consider their performance and overall suitability. Gourmet connoisseurs do not choose the best equipment, but choose the item that best suits their inherently sophisticated space.

In general, the blades of large propellers usually have the following characteristics: Flat, wingspan from 1.5 meters to over 3 meters, monochrome or simple textures, with 3, 4, 5 or 6 blades (type 3 fans, 4 wings usually have a wider wing width than 5, 6 wings to create a certain harmony), made from many materials.

Large propeller fans are not too expensive compared to its benefits. However, in the market, the price gap between the lines is very large. Fans can cost from 3 to 30 million depending on the material and style.

Super cool is still luxurious Only a big fan high class ceiling fan is beautiful | Live

Royal Xtreme ceiling fan with wingspan up to over 3 meters

Royal Home – the brand of ceiling fans for the rich is a pioneer of decorative ceiling fans that are always committed to the best and most diverse price on the market today.

Are big bladed fans good?

Large propeller fans spin slower than other models, but they provide a much wider airflow than other types of fans. The airflow is more evenly distributed, helping to circulate air and cool the area even more.

Super cool is still luxurious Only a big fan high class ceiling fan is beautiful | Live

The ability to cool in a large area, so you only need to install a large fan for a space, helping to create a lot of design space. Besides, the current high-class large propeller models also have many creative designs, neutral colors that are easy to apply but can still create attractive interior accents.

Typically, the wings and the large fan blades are made of stainless aluminum, the Alumi-motor motor – Super DC motor saves up to 70% of the power (most of the fans). You can also control the fan by remote control with 6 levels of wind or modern, convenient wall mounted gearbox.

Should use a large fan for any space?

However, due to its size characteristics, large propeller fans have many limitations in application. They are only used in large, open locations and high ceilings.

Typically, large fan blades are architects preferred to install in the living room, lounge or garden. Businesses also choose them for their factories or factories to create aeration.

Super cool is still luxurious Only a big fan high class ceiling fan is beautiful | Live

Many interior connoisseurs believe that large fan blades can be applied to all styles, as long as the space is large and airy for installation. Some of the large fan blades used to be considered classics in Industrial design, while others were favored in luxurious villas or garden houses inspired by Indochine style. .

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Royal ceiling fans are selected or distributed exclusively by Royal Home Joint Stock Company exclusively or exclusively for Vietnam market. 100% Royal high-class ceiling fans are made directly in Taiwan – the best engine manufacturing site in the world.

Royal Home now offers more than 300 decorative ceiling fans available for prices from 2 to 30 million, free installation and 10-year warranty.

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