Sun Wukong escaped from being trained into water thanks to 3 Bodhisattva hairs, so what is the original shape of those 3 hairs?

Those who have seen the movie “Journey to the West” must have seen Sun Wukong spitting a pinch of hair from his body, placing a breath in front of his mouth and turning out a group of monkeys.

But we all know that this is not Wukong’s most powerful technique.

In the past, the benevolent Guan Yin Bodhisattva gave this monkey three hairs to save his life, and at the same time instructed that: “If you fall into the dead end, you can improvise to save yourself from a dangerous situation.”

In the end, how miraculous are the 3 hairs that save the Bodhisattva’s life?

As everyone knows, on Wukong there is a lot of hair, these hairs can also be improvised, even used over and over again, plucking all over the body without ever. causing Sun Wukong to be hurt. Because there are hairs that change according to his will, and use them forever, Sun Wukong is like being supported to “cheat”, and every time he wins.

However, it is possible to save the life of Sun Wukong in an emergency where there are only 3 hairs and the Maou only uses it once at Su Da Linh.

The life accident at Su Da Linh has caused many dangers for teachers and students Duong Tang on the way to Tay Chuc to request Buddhist scriptures.

Sun Wukong’s image in the movie.

Here, Sun Wukong was confronted with Thanh Su Tinh, Bach Tuong Tinh and Eagle Tinh – cannibals.

Although bravery is not less than Eagle Crystal Kim Si Dieu, but when fighting 3 disciples of Tang Tang failed completely.

This also did not cause Wukong to flinch until Lao Sun was locked inside the Jin-Yi Jin Jin’s pot of Jin Yi. It can be said that this is the most beneficial dharma that Sun Wukong has ever tasted.

Locked in the pot of Yin Yang Nhi Qi, Sun Wukong could not escape with all his strength, almost being trained into water.

This life of Sun Wukong is described in the original work as follows: “Practitioners find their ankles a little pain, quickly touch their hands down turns out to have been burned, panic thinking” what to do? The fish’s eyes have been burned soft! He is a disabled person “. I can’t help but cry.”

Finally, thanks to the power of the three lifesaving hairs given by the Bodhisattva, Sun Wukong was able to break the vase out.

It is important to know that the bottle of Yin Yang Nhi Qi is a magic treasure that predates heaven and earth. In “Journey to the West” there is the following introduction: The Dharma of the Golden Eagle Eagle, containing two yin and yang qi, inside there are seven treasures, eight hexagrams, twenty-four syllables, must have thirty-six people. The correct number of heavenly wings can be carried.

From there it can be seen that the three hairs that saved the Bodhisattva’s life bestowed upon Sun Wukong had magical power that was stronger than that of the Golden Eagle.

Sun Wukong escaped from being trained into water thanks to 3 Bodhisattva hairs so what is the original shape of those 3 hairs | GameK

Images of Sun Wukong and Yin Yang Wei Qi on the film.

It is worth mentioning that, 3 hairs does not mean that they can only be used 3 times, nor does it have to be used once, which will waste a fiber.

For example, when drilling the pot of Yin Yang Nhi Qi, these 3 hairs “1 strand turns into a drill, 1 strand turns into a drill rod, 1 strand turns into a drill wire”, when used again can be attached to the head, to next time use again.

But after using it for the first time, Sun Wukong did not use it again. The question is: So why did Sun Wukong use such good treasures only once?

In fact, the original form of the life-saving hair was the willow leaf in the Ngoc Tinh vase, transformed by Guan Yin Bodhisattva.

Although that willow leaf is magical, once it leaves the water of Cam Lo in Ngoc Tinh, it will gradually wither. It also means that the life-saving hair in Sun Wukong’s hand is not without limits, but an easy-to-lose luxury, like ordinary lemons we put in water, every time we add water, the sour taste. all will fade.

The same 3 hairs, one-time use means a little loss, so Sun Wukong use it arbitrarily, because after all it is extremely precious and finite, if not really needed, it will not be used. come.

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