Suddenly ‘boundary of rich and poor’ is installed throughout the movie Parasite but not everyone sees

Can speak, Parasite (Parasites) has become a worldwide phenomenon with countless big and small film awards, the most special of which is the “continuous victory” with four golden 2020 Oscars for the four most important areas. It must be affirmed, this masterpiece deserves that recognition because not only with deep content, full of humanity but equally attractive, metaphorical details are installed extremely skillfully. The visual effects of the film were also carefully calculated by director Bong Joon Ho.

Parasite brought director Bong Joon Ho and the crew to make four famous Oscar statues.

On a film forum, the audience was extremely surprised at how the frame rate to create a social status gap between the characters in Parasite. In scenes where both poor and rich families appear, there are always straight lines that naturally appear in order to cut a frame in half, creating an invisible boundary that pushes them back. two opposing sides.

At the beginning of the movie, rich family members will have a larger aspect ratio.

If the number of lower class characters increases, they will account for a higher proportion. Symbolizing the strength of their side is gradually overwhelming. Particularly for the scene with the appearance of the butler, the frame will be divided into 3 symbols for 3 separate factions.

The scale frame is divided into sometimes characters are gradually gaining trust and gradually penetrating deeper into the lives of the rich. And when it crossed that scaling line, the climax of the film began to rise.

In addition, this line is also placed in the right places in the standard aspect ratios commonly found in cinema or photography, including the ratio of 1: 3 and 2: 2, creating a perfect correlation. for frames. In particular, later on in the film, the audience found that the 2: 2 ratio was directed more by director Bong Joon Ho than the 1: 3 ratio in the first part, proving that the lower class is on the rise. the more he gains his foothold. Since then, every time they cross this invisible boundary, the tension and drama of the movie is increasing.

This is the intentional arrangement of Bong Joon Ho. This “boundary” is also emphasized through conversations of the rich couple.

And from that predict the details of “scent” – stimulants that push the film to climax at the last minute.

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