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Stuck because no viewers, Youtuber pretended to rob, put a gun on his mother to see the view

Besides streamer, today, YouTuber has gradually become one of the extremely hot jobs with respectable income. The proof is that in the past year, our country has witnessed a new generation of extremely successful YouTubers with phenomena such as Mrs. Tan Vlog, 1977 Vlog, Quynh Tran JP … And for any Youtuber, the Indicators like, view are extremely important when it is the decisive factor to the amount of money Youtube will pay you. Therefore, it is not strange that Youtubers have countless ways and tricks to improve these indicators. However, the number of people investing, taking care of the content and products is small, but the number of using offensive tactics to view the view is not lacking, typical as the guy in the story below.

Specifically, the main character in the story is an official “young buffalo”, who is only 17 years old this year. Want to become a Youtuber but do not know how to build content to attract, so this young man with 3 close friends came up with an intention to play big. By wearing a mask, invading his home and orchestrated a blackmail abduction. Then when the boy’s mother came home, the fire nurse saw 4 strangers put guns in the head of the escort to extort money. But people who do not count by heaven, luck or misfortune do not know when the mother conspires to find a way to escape, then call the police.

As soon as he learned of the incident, the young man hurriedly contacted the police to explain: “I was only playing pranks on my mother, and black that she escaped. In fact, it was all a joke for fun. I guess Mom called the police, and now she doesn’t know where she is. I called to make sure you guys knew everything and didn’t bother to investigate“.

Stuck because no viewers Youtuber pretended to rob put a gun on his mother to see the view | Game Online

When the police officer asked, “You said you staged a robbery and blackmail case,” the boy still bragged: “Yes, but my mother thought it was true. I made the video above.” Youtube should just want to make fun of my mom to post a view. I still have a video as evidence. “- Youtuber is still very innocent and natural.

It is not known what the punishment of a mother for her son will be like, but only know that right now, young boy Youtuber and 3 friends are being considered by the police for punishment for pranks and self-destruct.

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