Struggling to treat incomplete patients, the Indian laboratory was attacked by monkeys and robbed a Covid-19 infected blood sample.

While India was struggling to cope with the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, it also encountered ironic situations when a team of monkeys attacked a local health laboratory and robbed the Blood samples from Covid-19 patients.

Authorities confirmed the attack took place on Friday when a laboratory technician was walking the campus of the Medical University at Meerut, 460km north of Lucknow, prime. Government of Uttar Pradesh.

The monkeys seized and fled with 4 blood samples from Covid-19 patients who were undergoing treatment … now we have to take blood samples from these patients.“Dr. S. K. Garg, the head of this university, said.

While it is unclear for what purpose they stole these blood samples, there are concerns that monkeys will spill these blood samples and could infect the people living around the campus. They even fear that the pathogens in these models could be widely spread if monkeys bring blood samples to densely populated areas.

Garg also said it was unclear if monkeys were infected with corona virus if they came into contact with infected blood samples. “There is no evidence that gas floods can be infected“Mr. Garg told Reuters.

Currently India has had 165,799 people infected with 4,706 deaths.

So far the monkeys straying into human settlements in India are on the rise and they even cause chaos and sometimes attack humans. Environmentalists think the destruction of natural settlements is a major cause of the animals entering urban areas in search of food.

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