Stress, exhaustion and a variety of psychological issues are haunting the professional CS: GO gamers

Yesterday afternoon Astralis unexpectedly announced their captain Gla1ve will suspend playing professionally for 3 months due to health reasons. In his tweet, Gla1ve admitted that “he has had symptoms of stress and exhaustion for a long time” and although his teammates and Astralis have tried many ways to help him improve his situation. Figure but failed. This will certainly be a huge loss for this Danish team when they are in excellent form after winning the ESL One: Road to Rio and Gla1ve from the old days are still known as the The brain is an integral part of the team.

Gla1ve will spend the next 3 months focusing on restoring 100% of health

Danish IGL is also not the only player Astralis has ever experienced health problems. Many still remember the star of Astralis dev1ce was forced to stop playing in the last months of 2017 due to a series of health problems. Even after he returned to the ELEAGUE Boston Major in January 2018, he was no longer in his old form and had to go to DreamHack Masters Marseille in April to regain his form.

Another member of Astralis, dupreeh, also had signs of appendicitis and had emergency surgery while playing at Major ESL One Cologne 2016. Astralis then had to use Zonic coach as his replacement. for the rest of the tournament and they stopped in position 5-8 after losing to VP 0-2.

Stress exhaustion and a variety of psychological issues are haunting the professional CS GO gamers | GameK

Gla1ve, Dev1ce, Karrigan, Xyp9x and Zonic to visit Dupreeh are in hospital

Gla1ve is not the first player in 2020 to stop playing professionally on health issues. Earlier in March, Vitality’s ALEX and IGL also announced that they had stopped playing professionally for a while because he felt tired and exhausted after a long time of playing and moving continuously at the same time. LAN tournaments. According to him, a player on the top team may have to move up to 150 days a year, a terrible number when compared to traditional sports or other Esports games. Moreover, even at home, the players CS: GO You must also practice regularly to keep a stable performance and have a good game feeling.

The health problems of professional gamers are not only physical but also psychological. Shortly after the announcement of Gla1ve, CSPPA (CS Association of Professional Gamers) issued a notice, acknowledging that in recent times many players have contacted them with descriptions of the series. serious psychological problems like “sadness, anxiety, hopelessness, sleep disorders or drug abuse”.

Stress exhaustion and a variety of psychological issues are haunting the professional CS GO gamers | GameK

CSPPA official notice

To improve this situation, in the coming weeks CSPPA will contact teams, tournament organizers as well as celebrities in the community to take effective measures to improve mental health for professional CS: GO players. CSPPA also offers some of its own measures, including working with the top two universities on a mental health research program for all members of the association, establishing a road hotline for professional CS: GO players, support and advice for stressed players, …

In May and June there will be 3 major tournaments with a series of top teams taking place: DreamHack Masters Spring 2020, BLAST Premier Showndown / Final and cs_summit 6, the 2nd RMR tournament in This year for Europe and North America. After that, the pro gamers will have a month of vacation before returning to play. It is hoped that this month and the measures of CSPPA will be able to help professional gamers to rest effectively, solve psychological problems and ensure the best performance before entering the second half. 2020 with lots of big and small tournaments.

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