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Streamer wins League of Legends, reaches ‘Challenge’ at AOG and MARVEL Super War, what do you think about League: Rapid War?

Since September 16, League of Legends: Toc Chien (hay Alliance: Quick WarClose Beta was opened in the Indonesian region with a handful of hot streamers invited to participate in the previous experience. After that, Riot also opened the game in the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand until early October. Although Vietnam is not the official region to participate in the test, a large number of players in our country are Sign up attempts to expect confirmation mail from Riot. Some reporters of technology news sites as well as famous streamers have had the honor of being in the hands of Riot’s super product MOBA.

Tran “HHCC” Anh Thai and his friend Blake1 – players who won the national LQM championship twice.

Tran “HHCC” Anh Thai – former player Arena of valor has won the national championship in the colors of SGSG and Marines Esports twice in a row, and is also ranked in the Top Rank in Arena of Glory – Arena of Glory and MARVEL Super War have had dozens of hours of experience Alliance: Quick War. With experience and skillful skills, HHCC has expensive judgments about the MOBA game that will be exclusively released by VNG in our country in the near future.

Streamer wins League of Legends reaches Challenge at AOG and MARVEL Super War what do you think about League Rapid War | Mobile & Social

HHCC – Thai Bun is a streamer under V Gaming.

Reporter: Although he was an LQM player who won the national championship twice, HHCC then switched to plowing and now it is focusing on the stream of Express Chien. Can you give a reason for this choice?

This is not a choice but an expectation. I’ve been looking forward to Speed ​​Chien for the past 2 years. When Gamota’s AOG debuted, I thought it was League of Legends Mobile, but then I realized it. When Speed ​​Chien opened Close Beta, I was a lucky person who was approved and participated in the test quite early.

Reporter: What do you think about the pace of Express Chien’s game compared to Lien Quan?

After tens of hours of gameplay, I found the pace of Express Chien’s game quite fast. Fighting situations take place continuously. I feel that the tempo of Speed ​​War is a bit faster than that of the League of Legends.

Streamer wins League of Legends reaches Challenge at AOG and MARVEL Super War what do you think about League Rapid War | Mobile & Social

Reporter: It is known that you used to be a master of AOG – Vinh Quang Arena, but now this game has closed in Vietnam. In your opinion, what will NPH Express Chien do not go into the tracks of that game?

Speed ​​Chien is a game adapted from the game League of Legends on the computer, so it makes use of the stable number of players from PC to mobile is clearly visible. Besides, the battle intensity and difficulty are much higher than the rest of moba mobile games. That is also the driving force for gamers who love challenges to come and assert themselves. Express Chien will definitely have a large fan base and it cannot go into the tracks of AOG’s crash.

Of course, a game that wants to exist for a long and stable period needs to create fairness. Thai hopes that Toc Chien will completely prevent the ELO hack, cheat and buff genres, the true gaming community will be assured of a long-term attachment to it.

Streamer wins League of Legends reaches Challenge at AOG and MARVEL Super War what do you think about League Rapid War | Mobile & Social

HHCC also achieved very high Rank in MOBA games like AOG or Marvel Super War.

Reporter: What was difficult when it was the beginning stage of a newcomer playing Speed ​​War? Will someone who has never played League of Legends keep up with this new MOBA game?

It is easy to see that, from the beginning, many people have difficulties because they are mainly used to not needing to farm, standing still has money like LQM. But now, they need to try to last hit soldiers like League of Legends on pc to get the best results. That is quite a new factor. For gamers who do not know or have not played League of Legends will have to adapt to such changes.

Reporter: There is an opinion that Speed ​​Chien is more difficult than Lien Quan? What do you think?

Thai completely agree with this opinion. I have experienced a lot of moba mobile games, so I have the same assessment. Gamers will have to adapt new things to catch up.

Thank you for the interview!

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