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Strategy Analytics: Despite a market full of bargain-free TWS headphones, Apple will still sell 60 million AirPods in 2019.

Apple has long considered AirPods to be one of its flagship products after iPhones and iPads. And thanks to a well-invested strategy, AirPods also help Apple soon reap fruit.

Specifically, according to the prestigious market analysis firm Strategy Analytics, Apple has sold 60 million AirPods in the past year with sales growth of up to 200%.

Revenue from Apple AirPods alone accounted for 71% of the total market of true wireless headphones (TWS) in 2019. Apple currently accounts for 50% of the market share and is followed by Samsung and Xiaomi.

Ken Hyers, director of emerging device strategy research at Strategy Analytics, expressed optimism: “The TWS headset market is very wide open for companies. The price of TWS chipset is also decreasing. In the past 6 months, its price has decreased by half. Thanks to the price of cheap chips, dozens, even brands,” Hundreds of companies have quickly jumped into the market with affordable TWS headsets, and the attractive price has boosted sales of the low-cost TWS headphones. premium from Apple, Bose or Samsung may think of other cheaper options. “

Strategy Analytics Despite a market full of bargain free TWS headphones Apple will still sell 60 million AirPods in 2019 | ICT News

AirPods almost accounted for half of the wireless headset market in 2019

The reason AirPods have maintained impressive sales over the past year, despite the emergence of more and more affordable TWS headphones. That’s because the appearance of AirPods Pro has created a huge push for AirPods sales.

The appeal of Apple branded products is indisputable. Therefore, the appearance of a headset with a new, unique design makes consumers want to experience it.

Analysis firm Strategy Analytics Expect, AirPods will continue to maintain the leading position in sales and revenue in the TWS market for at least the next 5 years.

Success with AirPods is probably the same as the iPhone. Right from its inception, AirPods have become a product with strange attraction. After more than two years of launch and until the arrival of AirPods Pro, it is becoming more and more successful.

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