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Strangely yet: Internet Explorer suddenly increased its market share, even chasing Mozilla Firefox

Browser race is becoming the adventure of 3 main browsers, Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Ede with Chromium core.

So in theory, other browsers such as Opera, Vivaldi will definitely not have much market share in the market.

On the other hand, Internet Explorer (IE) is also one of the browsers that no longer have a place in the modern world and Microsoft itself recommends not using it for everyday browsing. Microsoft wants everyone using Internet Explorer to switch to Microsoft Edge to experience more exciting features.

Chris Jackson, an engineer at Microsoft explains: “You see, Internet Explorer is a compatible solution. We don’t support new web standards for it and although many websites perform well, developers in general are no longer testing on Internet Explorer. They are experimenting on modern browsers. So if we continue our previous approach, you will run into the situation of not being able to use new apps as they launch… “

However, this doesn’t mean the world is ready to give up Internet Explorer even though Microsoft is investing heavily in the new Microsoft Edge browser.

According to the most recent statistics shared by NetMarketShare in October, Internet Explorer actually increased its market share last month at a time when many people should have eliminated it.

Specifically, IE’s market share has increased since 3.88% in September to no less 5.57% in October, approaching third place for Firefox. The market shares of the top browsers are as follows:

Google Chrome: 69.25%

Microsoft Edge: 10.22%

Firefox: 7.22%

Internet Explorer: 5.57%

Is returning to Internet Explorer really a good idea? Not really, at least if you ask Microsoft. The company wants users to switch to Microsoft Edge as soon as possible, and the company sees security as a reason for the switch.

Strangely yet Internet Explorer suddenly increased its market share even chasing Mozilla Firefox | ICT News

Microsoft shared: “If you are running Windows 7, the latest version of Internet Explorer that you can install is Internet Explorer 11. However, Internet Explorer 11 is no longer supported on Windows 7. Instead, we recommend that you install it. install the new Microsoft Edge The new Microsoft Edge gives you the best web sites, more control and privacy when you browse the web.

The good news for Microsoft is that the proportion of Microsoft Edge users appears to be improving. In fact, October was the first month that Edge actually hit a double-digit market share with a 10% market share, creating a safe gap with the competing browser Mozilla Firefox.

To be sure, Microsoft’s long-term goal is to bring Microsoft Edge with its Chromium core on par or even surpass Google Chrome. However, with the above market share, Microsoft obviously will take a long time to upgrade Microsoft Edge and afford to challenge Chrome’s position in the browser world.

But beyond that, what Microsoft needs to do more is keep calling and encouraging Internet Explorer users to switch to the latest browser.

Refer to Softpedia

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