Strangely, Netflix’s chart: The movie scored 0%, ranking second in the Top 10 in the US

Rotten Tomatoes is one of the oldest and most respected film review sites in the world today. A special feature of this website is that the scoring system is divided into 2 groups: Critics and mass audience. Accordingly, the experts will grade the film based on professional criteria such as script, acting, cinematography, techniques … Meanwhile, fans will score according to the feeling more. This sometimes also causes conflicts between the two sides, when one side gives a towering score, the other side is very flat.

However, for the movie John Henry Netflix just showed up, it seems that both experts and audience have the same feeling: Bad! At the time of writing, the reviewer team of Rotten Tomatoes has scored 0% for this work, while the fan score is not much better, only 25%. Some other reputable websites also agree with the above reviews, such as IMDb with 3.5 / 10 and Metacritic – 27%.

“John Henry” was extremely poorly rated by Rotten Tomatoes, both experts and audiences did not appreciate this movie.

However, there would be nothing worth saying if John Henry Unsurprisingly, it climbed up to No. 2 in this week’s US Top 10 Movies this week (currently not available in Vietnam). The film revolves around a quiet guy who has experienced a violent and not so smooth past, played by Terry Crews. His life goes on indefinitely, until he meets a girl who is fleeing gangsters in the city of Los Angeles, with Ludacris playing the boss of this gang.

With the script sounding quite attractive, promising eye-catching action scenes, along with the presence of many big names, is also easy to understand when John Henry attracted so many audiences in the US. Not to mention that they also tend to look for new works to kill time when they have to isolate themselves at home because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, it seems that the development of this movie could not meet the expectations of the fans, if not too much bullshit. Not only Rotten Tomatoes, but also the critic Jeannette Catsoulis of the famous New York Times magazine frankly evaluated “There are so many ridiculous points that I consider this to be a parody”. Flickering Myth’s Hasitha Fernando wrote the same opinion:Even if Terry has a big cool hammer in the film, it can save this disappointing movie.”.

Strangely Netflix s chart The movie scored 0 ranking second in the Top 10 in the US | Live

Even the name of Terry Crews could not save “John Henry”.

Experts have, the audience is even more intense. And many people have expressed doubts about Netflix’s Top 10 rankings, because John Henry is actually the biggest spray bomb that this studio has ever released on its platform.

Strangely Netflix s chart The movie scored 0 ranking second in the Top 10 in the US | Live

I was watching “John Henry,” and there was a scene where Terry Crews got shot in his skull and still stood up like nothing happened. Quit this bullshit movie for me ”.

Strangely Netflix s chart The movie scored 0 ranking second in the Top 10 in the US | Live

Stop believing Netflix’s Top 10 list, because they have ranked “John Henry”, starring Terry Crews and Ludacris, at No. 2, but it’s the BEST movie I have have seen it.

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