Stomach is not enough, Marvel also plans to drown Thor by letting him ‘pee’ in Avengers: Endgame

At now, Avengers: Endgame Not only is Marvel Studios’ most successful film, but it is also the highest-grossing movie of all time – $ 2.8 billion. Playing a key role for MCU’s Infinity Saga, Endgame took the audience from one surprise to another, spending 3 hours with full of emotions that few blockbusters can do.

One of the “wrong” twist that no one expected was the beer belly of the thunder god Thor Odinson. In the odd movies as well as the previous 3 Avengers movies, Thor which is associated with rebellious hotboy image and muscular body. But only after about 30 minutes of Endgame, this image collapsed completely: The rebellion is still there, but the hotboy title will disappear after 5 years of drinking beer instead of filtered water and a slightly unscientific lifestyle. Come on, Thor.

Big belly thor is one of the biggest shocks Endgame brings.

Perhaps feeling that is not enough, Marvel also intends to immerse Thor in a series of fairly crude and somewhat unsanitary actions. In one scene cut, in the segment Thor and Rocket returned to Asgard in 2013 to get the Reality Stone (Aether), this thunder god even casually “pee” at his old home and in front of his fellow. his team. After that, he continued to carefree drinks and snacks, not caring about the main task while Rocket was worried about the fear of being discovered by the guards.

[Vietsub] Stomach is not enough, Marvel also intended to drown Thor by letting him “flood” indiscriminately when returning to Asgard.

It is true that if this scene is included in the premiere, Thor’s muscular image will surely collapse completely in the hearts of fans. However, this is probably one of the funniest dialogs in the four Avengers movies, and it also contributed to showing the change in Thor’s personality at the time of the Endgame.

Thor originally had lost faith in himself completely after his defeat in the battle in Wakanda. Although he later killed Thanos himself, many of his relatives and friends were unable to return after the fateful snap. This has caused Thor to collapse, start a life of carelessness and always appear angry with a little fear whenever someone mentions the name of the crazy Titan.

In the release, when returning to Asgard in 2013, Thor also sought to avoid the main task and always wanted to return to reality. Even when he got a slap from Rocket, he still didn’t wake up, but he still hid with his companion. Therefore, it can be said that the cut-off footage was quite compatible with the film circuit and the atmosphere at the time, and can completely be included in the release version.

Stomach is not enough Marvel also plans to drown Thor by letting him pee in Avengers Endgame | Manga/Film

If used in the premiere, the cut scene will be a very powerful comedy between Thor and Rocket when returning to Asgard in 2013.

But after all, Marvel Studios may also want to hold on to a bit of Thor’s image or because he drowned him too much. A beer belly (thanks to CGI technology) is enough to surprise the audience, especially for female fans. It can be seen that the video above has not even been through careful processing, because Rocket’s image is still quite rough and untrue. This means that Marvel soon cut it off before it went into post-production.

However, not every movie cut will become completely useless. If you remember, in the second trailer of Avengers: Endgame, Thor said: “I saw all these people die” – “I saw them all with my own eyes.”. This made the audience think he was talking about the Avengers, but actually he wanted to refer to the soldiers and the people of Asgard in the fight with the Dark Elf in 2013. And this line is taken from the paragraph The movie has been cut above.

MCU will officially return in April with the first movie, Black Widow, scheduled to open on April 30. Subsequently, the television series The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, WandaVision also released on the Disney + platform, before The Eternals “closed” in 2020 on 6/11.

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