Sticking to the ‘trick’ on New Year’s Eve, the witty Vietnamese gamer: ‘Playing with Garena is important to be patient’

Every Lunar New Year comes, millions of gamers League of Legends Vietnam has the opportunity to wait eagerly for attractive promotions from NPH Garena. And this year is no exception, as this NPH continues to launch a series of exciting events such as Receiving gifts, purchasing 1 Star Essence, or a series of promotional events worth RP recharge cards. ..

However, just like every year, the Vietnamese gaming community welcomed New Year with a rather humorous situation, when Garena launched a promotion event with 100% value of RP recharge right on New Year’s Eve. There will be nothing worth mentioning if before, this NPH does not “urge” gamers with confidential words: “Everyone! The event of receiving 50% of the RP value is coming to an end, what are you waiting for but have not invested to make some good skins for Tet holiday!”

Photo: Le Phuong – Fanpage of League of Legends

As a result, many “gullible” gamers decided to top up before Tet to shop, then on New Year’s Eve they fell back because it turned out that when the event ended at 50% promotion, even NPH even offered a promotion event with a value twice as big. But my friend! If I have already loaded up, what else can I play …

Sticking to the trick on New Year s Eve the witty Vietnamese gamer Playing with Garena is important to be patient | Esports

Gamers have the opportunity to laugh out loud because of NPH’s muddy play

In fact, if you stick long enough with League of Legends, we will not be surprised at the “tantalizing” promotion game from gamers from Garena, almost every Lunar New Year, this NPH also offers promotions. extremely attractive, but true “delicious food to wait until the end”, the “most delicious” offers are only released at the last moment.

For new players or impatient players, they will choose to top up the game card at the beginning of the New Year event to receive early discounts, convenient for “shopping” to welcome spring. But this also led to the consequence that when the larger incentive events were launched, specifically here is the promotion of 100% value of the card loaded on New Year’s Eve, many League of Legends devotees had to regret huh huh.

Sticking to the trick on New Year s Eve the witty Vietnamese gamer Playing with Garena is important to be patient | Esports

The reason is because when there is a 50% promotion, many people miss “over-forehead”, so when there is a bigger event, they cannot participate in it because of … Therefore, it is only a matter of time before the beginning of the new year that the Vietnamese League of Legends will cry again and again with the muddy promotion from NPH.

Of course, the above story is still very well received by the gaming community. Although it is a pity that many people will be able to miss this big promotion, but above all, we also have to thank NPH Garena for bringing such a spectacular series of Tet events, and hundreds of thousands of gifts. attractive gifts for gamers.

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