Spoiler My Hero Academia chap 292: Hero Lemillion returns, Shigaraki summons Noumu?

My Hero Academia chapter 292 begins with the image of Best Jeanist appearing from the air and participating in the battlefield of life and death between heroes and the Crime League. Although his injury has not been completely recovered, Jeanist is still extremely brave, describing a sudden conflict with his intense “responsibility” spirit.

To replenish his strength, Jeanist carried a lot of giant spools, he used his technique to quickly tie and pin Gigantomachia to the ground. The current giant no longer retains the same physique as before, so he is completely powerless against Jeanist.

The 3rd ranked hero in the world also quickly controlled all the Crime League. Nejire attempted to defeat the Alliances to reduce the tension in the battlefield. As for Dabi, he is fighting Shoto. The truth had just been exposed, making Shoto no longer calm. He threw all of his powers towards the “brother” but it seemed they were completely useless against Dabi.

Spoiler My Hero Academia chap 292 Hero Lemillion returns Shigaraki summons Noumu | Manga/Film

Dabi also unleashed all of his ability. His whole body was lit up in a fierce flame and he was laughing savagely inside the fire. Just as the two sides were struggling, Shigaraki regained her sanity. He transmitted thoughts to Gigantomachia, ordering the giant “I need to destroy everything, I need to do this”.

Taking orders from her master, Gigantomachia rose up, shattering Best Jeanist’s efforts. From afar, the Noumu hordes that were stopping the heroes also stopped fighting. They neglected all their enemies, turning their heads and running towards Shigaraki.

Just as all hope was once again suppressed, Togata Mirio emerged from the ground with a familiar smiling face. Hero Lemillion is back! At this moment, My Hero Academia chapter 292 ended.

Spoiler My Hero Academia chap 292 Hero Lemillion returns Shigaraki summons Noumu | Manga/Film

Currently there is no information that there will be a new chapter next week, but it can be said that fans who love this manga will be able to follow a chapter with many exciting action and emotional moments.

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