Spoiler Kimetsu No Yaiba chap 206: Well, this is the reason why Rengoku Head Inflammation is deaf?

The chapter opens with the narrative lines of Rengoku. Although Rengoku was very diligent in practicing swords at an early age, Rengoku was never recognized by his father, Shinjuro. He told both of his children that they were incompetent and should soon give up his demonic work.

As for Rengoku, he always encourages his brother when he does sword practice. He also encouraged the younger ones to speak, though he understood that it would be difficult for them to stay alive while fighting. Deep in his subconscious mind, Rengoku understands that talent is something that not everyone has, but it can completely compensate with the will and effort to practice.

Afterwards, the audience will see Rengoku face off against a demon that looks like an old man. This demon defeated three other Demon Slayer members who were praised by Rengoku. Despite being seriously injured, these three people are still doing their best to protect a child. They didn’t give up even though they knew they couldn’t defeat that very powerful demon.

Spoiler Kimetsu No Yaiba chap 206 Well this is the reason why Rengoku Head Inflammation is deaf | Manga/Film

The demon looks like an old man

Rengoku then swung his sword to attack. The demon pulled out a flute and started to blow. His flute struck directly into the enemy’s hearing, forcing Rengoku to put his hands over his ears. The flute also summons two black crane demons and attacks Rengoku.

The demon said that much of the Demon Slayer’s training efforts were useless against him. As long as being attacked by a flute, no one can swing a sword at him. This is also the reason why the three people who came first fell into misery. He ordered the two crane demons to move forward in an attempt to tear Rengoku apart.

At that moment, Rengoku swung his sword to kill the two crane demons. He also quickly cut off the head of the old demon. To counteract the flute, Rengoku tore his eardrums. This is also the reason why Pillar Inflammation often speaks loudly in the original story line. Thus in order to destroy the enemy’s abilities Rengoku had discarded his own hearing.

Spoiler Kimetsu No Yaiba chap 206 Well this is the reason why Rengoku Head Inflammation is deaf | Manga/Film

Rengoku lost his hearing

Rengoku then came to hug the child and collect the bodies of the other three members. He thanked and thanked those who came first and made sacrifices. Rengoku understood that the day would come when it was his turn, when he had to sacrifice himself to protect others.

At this point, Kimetsu No Yaiba chapter 206 ends here. This content is from the 19 story pages posted on Weekly Shonen Jump # 44. The remainder of Rengoku Vol.0 was included in a special tribute to viewers of Kimetsu No Yaiba: Mugen Train in Japan.

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