Spoil Full One Piece Chapter 1011: Luffy and Kaido are determined to die, Big Mom “connects spears to the enemy”

So the information in One Piece Chapter 1011 has been revealed in full. Let’s see what this chapter will have interesting information!

First, the name of chapter 1011 is roughly translated as “The Human Meaning of Red Bean Tea”.

The Jump magazine cover was followed by Luffy as Aladdin and Brook as Goddess. The color cover featured a big Nami eating ice cream and a fruit cup in the background, in front of them other Straw Hat crew members playing with their food.

And now for the new chapter:

On the edge of Oni Island, Big Mom appears and creates a new homie named Hera. Hera is a female and seems to be made of lightning. Big Mom tested Hera’s power and launched a lightning strike called “Fulgora”. Kid and Killer take this full advantage and it damages a large area of ​​Skull Arch on Onigashima.

On the roof now, Kid’s power on the iron box has been reduced so Zeus is able to escape. Law told Luffy he was leaving with Zeus to stop him from calling Big Mom back. Law then teleported himself along with Zoro, and Zeus was gone.

Luffy and Kaidou rushed to fight again, the collision between Luffy’s kick with Kaidou’s mace created a great shock to the island.

Change the scene to the 3rd floor of the castle. Big Mom’s move earlier created a large hole in the Dome of the Skull, Kid and Killer were also sent flying into the castle.

Big Mom also entered the castle but since the hole was too large she ended up on a different floor from Kid’s side. Kid and Killer find their way downstairs to prevent Big Mom from reuniting with Kaidou, but encounter Kaidou’s underlings and Hawkins.

Kid cursed Hawkins as a traitor, Hawkins said that he too was betrayed by Apoo and he just didn’t want to waste his life on a match that he could not win. Killer says he’ll stay to fight Hawkins and Kid keeps going to stop Big Mom is not a big deal.

Hawkins judged that the probability of Killer being less than 92% and that Killer replied that he did not believe in the three tricks of divination. What Killer believes is his own ability.

Hawkins wished that luck would stay with Killer. Killer replied to get out on earth with Hawkins’ good luck.

Switch scene to the 2nd floor of Tama group. Page One jumped in and grabbed the tail of the dog Komachiyo. Nami and Usopp kept attacking Page One but it didn’t seem to be winning. Tama told Komachiyo to put up a little more effort since they were about to run to the main stage.

Up there, Tama can command all the Gifters in the castle. Tama’s mission until then is to be completed, and then whatever, Tama doesn’t care. Say that, but Tama is still scared.

Nami and Usopp feel sorry that they failed to protect Tama’s safety. Usopp attacks Page One with “Hanabi Bana”, causing him to fall to the ground. Usopp continued to bounce back with a massive blast called “Baku Bokkuri” but Page One managed to get up. Nami and Usopp were shocked by Page One’s resilience.

Usopp says it’s a pity that Tama’s kibidango only works against SMILE owners. At this moment, Big Mom suddenly appeared, making Nami and Usopp scream. Big Mom still remembers who Nami and Usopp are and tried to attack when Tama suddenly called “Mrs. O-Lin !!”.

Spoil Full One Piece Chapter 1011 Luffy and Kaido are determined to die Big Mom connects spears to the enemy | GameK

Big Mom’s attitude suddenly turned 180 degrees and smiled at Tama. According to Prometheus, this is the state “Mother” that sometimes Big Mom will show before children under 10 years old.

Big Mom warmed to Tama and asked what happened, why was Tama in such a dangerous place. Tama said she was worried about Big Mom because the last time she saw her tied up and taken away from Udon.

Big Mom thanks Tama for helping her when she lost her memory and still remembers how Tama brought Big Mom to Okobore town, and even though the townspeople are so poor, willing to save her hunger.

Tama told Big Mom that Okobore town had been wiped out, and Kaidou’s subordinates assumed that the people there helped the Samurai, so they set fire to the whole town. Big Mom remembers eating the bean tea there and getting angry. Big Mom growled that Kaidou’s subordinates dared to destroy a place that treated her so well?

At this moment, Page One came chasing again and the young man shouted to Big Mom not to let Tama’s group escape, quickly lend a hand. Page One jumped in the attempt to eat Usopp, Nami, and Tama.

Big Mom stated that no matter how bad a pirate is, the so-called “moral code” still exists.

Big Mom rushed out to defend Tama and the others and gave Page One a blow, she punched without touching so she deduced she used Haki Haki. Page One was lying on the ground, bloody mouth.

Kid heard that Big Mom was there, so he ran over, Zeus also appeared.

Ulti ran back just in time to see Page One getting punched. Everyone Kaidou was trembling with fear, and Ulti seemed to be trembling with anger.

End of this chapter. Due to the influence of the Japanese holiday, there is no story next week.

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