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Speaker LG Xboom 2020 – “Messenger” connects everyone in the party

XBOOM 2020: more options, more powerful and refined

In 2019, LG launched the XBOOM multi-purpose speaker line with a lot of breakthroughs in design and technology. Following that success, LG has just launched the XBOOM 2020 upgraded version more powerful and refined, including multi-purpose speakers RN7, RN5, ON2D, not to mention the addition of new options for users with the line Public Address (RM2, RM1).

Speaker LG Xboom 2020 Messenger connects everyone in the party | Digital toys

The common highlight of the LG XBOOM 2020 series is that the bass technology continues to be upgraded, allowing it to retain clear, distortion-free sound even though the volume has been pushed to full capacity. Especially the RN7, RN5, ON2D series are equipped with Super Bass Boost technology, bass push technology. This technology is created by the airflow system behind the speaker that pushes the bass faster, farther and stronger to every corner of the party without losing the inherent sound quality.

The Public Address line (RM2, RM1), although not equipped with Super Bass Boost, but in return possesses a powerful subwoofer. Inside the RM2 is a 15-inch woofer capable of creating a frenetic atmosphere in most spaces. The versatility of the Public Address line of speakers, which can be placed on a flat floor, tilted back, raised or mounted on a speaker stand, with an easy-to-move handle and wheel, makes these speakers the ideal choice for Wedding season is coming, especially for outdoor weddings.

Speaker LG Xboom 2020 Messenger connects everyone in the party | Digital toys

Comes with subwoofer push technology, the RN7, RN5, ON2D series also have a brilliant, colorful LED system that can be changed according to the rhythm of the song in Dance Lighting mode. This helps create a real party of sound and light, gives a feeling of excitement and helps people immerse themselves in the festival space, being completely lost after working hard. When Dance Lighting is turned on, people will not be able to hold back the feeling of wanting to dance passionately to the sound and light.

Raise your musical talent

If you want to change the atmosphere, create a highlight for the party, you can choose Karaoke mode. LG XBOOM 2020 allows to adjust the volume of background music and separate the microphone volume. The very notable customizations for the Karaoke feature include the voice suppressor (Voice Canceller) to reduce the voice volume, create a karaoke version in a snap from any track, along with the tone changer (Key Changer) to adjust the music to best suit your voice. With these 2 exciting technologies, you will definitely be the Karaoke star of the party.

When the music goes down, you can ‘push the mood’ by starting the DJ feature to get the party going. In addition to direct operation with the DJ (DJ Pad) panel built into the speaker, you can also switch to DJ play on your phone thanks to the LG XBOOM Bluetooth app, available both for Android and iOS. The DJ features are very interesting, especially the scratch feature, DJ loop …, giving you the freedom to create your own DJ style.

Speaker LG Xboom 2020 Messenger connects everyone in the party | Digital toys

If you are a guitar player, use Guitar Input mode, LG XBOOM 2020 will help your guitar sound resonate further and more attractive.

Unleash your creativity with your voice

Each person will have their own singing voice and unique song expression. However, there are also people who like to change their vocals and their creative style of presentation to give new breeze to the songs they like and create more excitement for the party. LG XBOOM 2020 is a useful tool for you to transform your voice thanks to the Vocal Effect feature – freely adjust vocals with 18 different effects such as Bass, Soprano, Helium, Robot, Duet Man, Duet Woman , … with 3 echo modes.

Speaker LG Xboom 2020 Messenger connects everyone in the party | Digital toys

With this technology, with familiar music, you can create many forms of expressing your own style. Vocal Effect guarantees in your party dictionary there is never boredom

With LG XBOOM 2020, no one will be out of the way because music is available to you, according to your GU.

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