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South Korea: Another 52 positive cases for corona virus, a total of 82 people were infected from ‘superhuman’ patients

According to the announcement of KCDC (Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) on the morning of February 21, Korea continued to record 52 more cases of positive for coronavirus (Covid-19). Altogether, there have been 156 viral infections, raising concerns about a new outbreak outside the border of mainland China.

Within 3 days, the number of people infected with Covid-19 in Korea increased nearly 3 times. Most new infections have been linked to a church in Daegu, the fourth largest city in South Korea, 300km southeast of Seoul.

KCDC reported in 52 new infections, 41 in Daegu. Seoul also recorded 3 cases positive for Covid-19, but has not been able to track down the source. This has led the South Korean health authorities to issue a warning, that the disease is showing signs of spreading locally.

Notably, of the 41 victims in Daegu, 39 were identified in connection with Shincheonji church and “31st patient” – or the 31st person infected with the Korean virus. It was a 66-year-old woman who developed symptoms on 10 February and was diagnosed with Covid-19 on February 18. The person was identified as a “super-infectious” case, after spreading the virus to a lot of people attending the ceremony at the church on January 31.

According to the South Korean health agency, the total number of confirmed positive cases for viruses in Daegu and neighboring Gyeongsang provinces has now reached 111, with 82 cases involving “super-infectious” patients. “on.

South Korea Another 52 positive cases for corona virus a total of 82 people were infected from superhuman patients | Khám phá

Jung Eun-kyeong – KCDC director said the organization has not yet been able to completely conclude patient number 31 is a super-infectious case. However, they still urgently asked 1001 people to go to church that day to isolate themselves, in order to stop the risk of spreading the virus. Currently according to Joongang, there were 409 people with suspicious symptoms.

Due to the rapid increase in the number of infected people, plus the first death due to Covid-19, the Korean government decided to place Daegu and Cheongdo district as a “special controlled area”. It is known that, before being confirmed positive for the virus, patient No. 31 also went to Cheongdo, and a total exposure of 166 people.

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As of February 21, the number of people tested and quarantined in South Korea was 2707, a significant increase from the 1860 case mark. In total, South Korea tested Covid-19 for 14,816 people, but 11,953 cases were negative. 16 patients were fully recovered and allowed to leave the isolation area.

Reference: Korea Herald

South Korea Another 52 positive cases for corona virus a total of 82 people were infected from superhuman patients | Khám phá

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