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Soundpeats introduces powerful sports over-ear hooks

Soundpeats S5 wireless headset with solid design and superior features.

The name SoundPEATS TrueWings is probably not too strange to sports fans, this is an over-ear hooks headset, especially firmly attached to the ear so that you can listen to music while exercising vigorously like participating in sports events. Sports activities, gym, running… However, SoundPEATS TrueWings headphones have been discontinued and replaced by a completely new name, SoundPEATS S5.

In this November, SoundPEATS continues to launch the SoundPEATS S5 bluetooth headset version as a replacement of TrueWings for sports enthusiasts. S5 is really a good choice for those who like to listen to music while exercising thanks to its extremely good finishing 2 useful features: ear hook design and IPX7 water resistance.

Soundpeats introduces powerful sports over ear hooks | Number toys

Soundpeas S5 wireless earphones IPX7 waterproof.

This sports headset has an ergonomic design that looks like a “wing”, a long and smooth hook to both attach to the ear without causing discomfort, even during vigorous exercise. This time the design structure of the S5 is divided into two parts: the front part is made of high-quality plastic material typical of SoundPEATS with a beautiful appearance; the other is the rear ear hook which is made of soft and skin-friendly rubber material, which does not cause irritation or discomfort during use, even when worn for a long time.

For True Wireless headphones, the IPX7 water resistance index is a very high index in the waterproof scale. In terms of ability, it can safely protect the device when it is impacted in water immersion to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes.

Soundpeats introduces powerful sports over ear hooks | Number toys

Workout and exercise with energy with Soundpeats S5.

In other words, the SoundPEATS S5 headphones are almost perfect for workout use, so you won’t have to worry about your sweat damaging the device, and you’ll be free to enjoy your workouts. .

With the above two capabilities, the S5 really does a good job of a sports headset. With the S5, you can both exercise comfortably without having to worry about your headphones falling out or getting in the water due to sweat, while enjoying your favorite music full of energy. Talking about listening to music, the sound quality of SoundPEATS S5 is also a factor that you cannot ignore.

SoundPEATS S5 also possesses powerful sound quality with high resolution thanks to the built-in Dynamic Driver with a size of 12mm. From there, the sound will be reproduced perfectly, almost perfectly balanced between the tonal ranges: powerful bass, deep mids and highs. You can fully enjoy your favorite songs in the most vivid and sharp way.

Soundpeats introduces powerful sports over ear hooks | Number toys

Sensitive touch driver, faster and easier operation.

The ability to talk with touch controls is also a good choice when making calls, you can fully control your headset during practice to adjust music volume, skip songs, answer or reject calls. call without touching the phone.

S5 headphones can work continuously for 5 hours with a connection range of 10m per charge, just enough to complete a training session. The 450mAh charging case provides 3 more charges, making your total experience 20 hours (full charge time for headphones and charging case is 2H).

Soundpeats introduces powerful sports over ear hooks | Number toys

This is the most valuable headset model in the cheap segment.

With all that is shown, the SoundPEATS S5 Bluetooth Headset is really a top choice for sports enthusiasts, Gymers or simply listening to music while jogging. In addition to the useful design mentioned above, the sound quality of the S5 is not bad for enjoying music in a dynamic and powerful way. Once again, the SoundPEATS S5 headset is an effective workout companion that you should not ignore.

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