Sony explained the reason for going against the trend, bringing the 3.5mm jack back on Xperia 1 II

The latest high-end flagship smartphone that Sony has just launched is Xperia 1 II. One very interesting detail on this smartphone is that Sony has brought the 3.5mm jack back, after removing it on Xperia smartphones in 2018 and 2019.

While all high-end smartphone manufacturers around the world are following the trend of eliminating the 3.5mm headphone jack, and true wireless headphones are also becoming more and more popular, why is Sony going in the opposite direction?

And every Sony keeps the 3.5mm headphone jack on its high-end flagship smartphones.

Sony Mobile’s head of design, Yuki Ikeda said: “The reason to bring the 3.5mm jack back on Xperia 1 II is from the same idea when we developed the Xperia 1, that is to give everyone the smartphone they love.”

Ikeda also emphasized that the 3.5mm jack is indispensable for some entertainment and gaming tasks.

Sony has removed the 3.5mm jack on Xperia XZ2, Xperia XZ3 and Xperia 1. Mr. Ikeda said at that time Sony removed the 3.5mm jack because of the priority of improving the design of the smartphone, and the fact that wireless headsets are becoming more and more popular.

Bringing back the 3.5mm jack after 2 years was quite unexpected. However, it seems that Sony has collected feedback from users, and said that 3.5mm headphone jack is an important feature.

In the future, perhaps only Sony’s flaghship smartphones will retain the 3.5mm headphone jack. Anyway, Sony smartphones are more associated with nostalgia and tradition, rather than innovation and innovation.

Reference: Android Authority

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