SofM overwhelmed Karsa but Suning was still crushed by TOP Esports by a too high class Knight

With both names Suning and TOP Esports have all set foot in the playoffs, the confrontation between them actually only meant strengthening the position on the chart LPL Summer 2020. However, with Suning, a victory over mighty forces like TES will even bring a huge mental boost to the team’s players, and SN has almost completed “half” the goal, but unfortunately. to lose the victory again.

TES vs SN Highlights ALL GAMES LPL Summer Season 2020 W9D4 Top Esports vs Suning by Onivia

In both games in this match, SN are the ones who have the advantage, even, game 1 is the time when Bin and SofM impose to the lions a completely superior position in most of the time. time, but TES is not a dreamer, and with just a flash of opportunity to sneak Baron successfully, Karsa and his teammates turned the tables in just a moment.

Game 2 also had a similar situation, but SN is no longer so superior in advantages, while TES still uses the good opportunity as usual, and easily finishes the opponent to bring the final victory. -0.

The biggest highlight of this pair is the super burden of the mid laner player who is being considered as the world’s number one – Knight with General Syndra, while even though he is a loser, SN still has the brightest and most obvious points are Bin’s stable and persuasive performance.

It is unclear if this is another test match of SN, when both games played they showed Syndra – Knight’s forehand champion, and even when leading 4k money or 7k money, then SofM and his teammates were unable to counter this champion, or in other words, Knight showed a terrible ability to carry the team.

SofM overwhelmed Karsa but Suning was still crushed by TOP Esports by a too high class Knight | Esports

Knight continues to prove his position as a top mid laner player in League of Legends 2020

This loss will not affect too much of SN’s chance to playoffs, and at least if they meet TES again in the next round, they will know what they need to do first: Ban Ban Syndra immediately if rematch with Knight.

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