SofM: ‘I really want to see the VCS teams again, I miss them a lot’

After four years of fighting in the LPL, in the end SofM also got a ticket to the Worlds for the first time in his career. With the win in the Bo5 bracket match of the Regional Qualifier against LGD Gaming, Suning has become the No. 3 seed team in China, and will be featured in the group stage of Worlds 2020.

SN vs LGD Highlights ALL GAMES Round 1 LPL Regional Finals 2020 Suning vs LGD Gaming by Onivia

During the post-match interview, MC asked about the opponent SofM wanted the most when he first entered the world. The Vietnamese forest god gave a lot of love VCS – Tournament in his hometown of Vietnam, is also where he made a name before arriving at LPL

MC: Coming to Worlds, there will be many players from all over the world participating. Do you particularly want to meet anyone?

SofM: Actually, I don’t know and care about many foreign players so I don’t particularly want to meet anyone.

But I really want to meet the two VCS teams. Because I haven’t seen them for a long time. I miss them so much.

(The word met in the sense of SofM’s sentence is pure encounter, original meaning, not confrontation.)

After the hall:

Reporter: Is there any jungler in the world that you would like to play against at Worlds? And what is the reason?

SofM: I don’t know about the many junglers in the World right now. But if I say the person who wants to meet the most, it is the jungler of Team Flash (Ego). He is my brother. I haven’t seen him for a long time.

Translated by: Fanpage SofM

Along with Suning’s SofM, this year, the VCS region will also have 2 representatives to attend this year’s Worlds (1 straight to the group stage and 1 to play Play-in). In the game of the Playoffs VCS winning bracket which is about to take place this afternoon, we will find out the first Vietnamese name to attend this tournament, which is the name that won the confrontation between GAM. Esports and Team Flash.

With the current strength relationship, these are also the two names with the highest ability to win the Worlds, and if no surprises happen, the Vietnamese fan community has a chance. saw the competition between the VCS jungler stars like Levi, Ego or Yijin and SofM.

SofM I really want to see the VCS teams again I miss them a lot | Esports

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