Smokers have a 14-fold higher rate of serious complications when infected with Covid-19

Earlier this month, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated its recommendations to Covid-19. They focus on a specific population group, the elderly and people with serious underlying disease. CDC calls them the yes group “higher risk”.

However, there is another population group that may be particularly vulnerable after being infected with Covid-19, meaning that they may become seriously ill if infected with the virus, with a higher mortality rate. But this group of people has not received enough attention and received the necessary and timely recommendations: Those who smoke, e-cigarettes or suffer from substance use disorders.

The research community should be wary of possibilities [bệnh Covid-19] can target a population of people with severe substance use disorders “, Dr. Nora Volkow, director of the US National Institute for Drug Abuse Research, wrote in a blog post last week.

Because Covid-19 attacked the lungs of patients, people who were smoking cigarettes, electronic cigarettes or marijuana could be particularly threatened, she said.

Smokers have a 14 times higher incidence of serious and serious complications when they have Covid-19

When someone’s lungs are infected with influenza or other infectious diseases, the effects of smoking or e-cigarettes will make their condition much more serious than those who do not smoke or smoke. electronic leaf “, Professor Stanton Glantz, director of the Center for Tobacco Research, Control and Education at the University of California, San Francisco agrees.

He explained that electronic cigarettes will affect your lungs at every level. It affects the immune function in your nasal cavity, the deep side of which has a microscopic layer of microcapsules called cilia. These cilia are responsible for pushing out foreign matter such as dirt, bacteria and even viruses, which are the first line of defense in your respiratory system.

Smoking cigarettes or e-cigarettes will reduce the likelihood “removes the virus from your upper respiratory tract“, Professor Glantz said in a telephone interview.

CDC has reported that hospitals in the US are witnessing a large number of patients under 44 years of age hospitalized for Covid-19. And Professor Glantz questioned whether the trend of using electronic cigarettes in the US is contributing to this fact.

“Some pulmonary specialists [là đồng nghiệp] I have recorded people under the age of 30 [nhiễm Covid-19] and had to be hospitalized, a couple smoke electronic cigarettes, ” he said. However, Professor Glantz also shared that there is not enough research or evidence to say how e-cigarettes are related to Covid-19.

The best evidence that scientists can look at to support their arguments now is previous studies in patients with other respiratory distress syndrome. Accordingly, smokers are indeed at risk of more serious complications.

And a study by Chinese scientists published in the Chinese Medical Journal showed that: In the group of patients with Covid-19 infection with a history of smoking, the percentage of cases with serious symptoms and extremely severe The risk of death is 14 times higher than that of non-smokers.

The study also found that people with a history of cigarette smoking had a 14% higher risk of pneumonia.

Concerned about other drugs

Besides smoking and e-cigarettes, Dr. Volkow writes that people who abuse opioids (opium) and methamphetamine (ice drugs) may be at a higher risk of serious complications when Covid-19 infection. This is because these drugs and drugs have negative effects on respiratory health and lung health.

Opioids have been shown to increase mortality in people with respiratory diseases, according to Dr. Volkow. “It may also reduce the lung capacity of Covid-19 patients and create similar dangers for this population.“she said.

Ice has been shown to produce significant lung damage, as it is closely linked to lung tissue, Dr. Volkow said. This may increase the risk of false negative if someone uses ice during the Covid-19 test.

Smokers have a 14 fold higher rate of serious complications when infected with Covid 19 | Live

Dr. Lin said that based on the serious potential impacts on Covid-19, everyone should quit smoking. This is also especially important for people with substance use disorders, because they are more likely to also smoke, she said.

For all patients who have been infected with Covid-19, one thing they can do right away to reduce the risk of serious complications is to quit smoking, Professor Glantz said.

At a time when everyone is looking for ways to reduce the risk, it makes sense to stop abusing your lungs. “he said.

Smokers have a 14 fold higher rate of serious complications when infected with Covid 19 | Live

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