Smartphones can completely become ‘pocket movie theater’ if they possess all of these factors

Life is getting more and more busy, there are people who are passionate about movies but all day devoted to work, evening for families so they can’t go to the cinema, or even watch movies online on TV right at home I am also not perfect. This is why enjoying movies and TV series on mobile devices such as smartphones is becoming more and more popular, we can watch it anywhere, if there is something else to do, we can stop and watch one more. fast way.

But not everyone knows that enjoying movies on smartphones sometimes becomes a ‘compromise’, with a small screen and not as good quality as a computer screen or a TV, or audio experience. Good enough to help us immerse ourselves into the footage. OPPO understands this, so it has strongly upgraded both the hardware and the supporting software on the Reno3 | Reno3 Pro has just launched to satisfy movie enthusiasts.

The large 6.4-inch screen with the maximum bezels of OPPO Reno3

First, we have to talk about the visual issue. Reno3 and Reno3 Pro are both equipped with 6.4 inch AMOLED displays with FullHD + resolution of 20: 9 – a standard between 16: 9 of TV series and 21: 9 of movie theaters. Although there are differences in cuts with Reno3 with ‘water droplets’ and Reno3 Pro with ‘moles’, the screens of both machines are designed with the thinnest bezels possible, optimizing the area. watching movies and reducing the grip area, helping to hold the machine for a long time is no longer too difficult.

AMOLED panels offer great benefits compared to previous LCD screens, with black that can be completely blackened by turning off each pixel – a great advantage when watching movies with a non-full screen ratio. and black bars appear; rich, vibrant colors make every element of a movie like ‘float’ off the screen.

Smartphones can completely become pocket movie theater if they possess all of these factors | Mobile

Image enhancement technology with OSIE Vision Artificial Intelligence

If OPPO feels that the default color is not enough to ‘float’ yet, OPPO also provides users with OSIE Vision Effect technology to continue to upgrade the image once again. OSIE stands for Object & Semantic Images & Eye-tracking – applying Artificial Intelligence to track the user’s eye through which enhances the color intensity and contrast according to the areas we look.

Smartphones can completely become pocket movie theater if they possess all of these factors | Mobile

OPPO Reno3 | Reno3 Pro retains the 3.5mm port for wired headphones, which is becoming increasingly rare in the smartphone market

The sight is met and the next thing that needs to be satisfied is the ears – hearing. Unlike other smartphone products on the market that are following the ‘trend’ to abandon the 3.5mm port, OPPO decided to keep this element on Reno3 | Reno3 Pro. The 3.5mm port makes audio and video enjoyment simpler and cheaper with wired headsets or speakers, plug-and-play without the hassle of Bluetooth connection. Sound processor in Reno3 | Reno3 Pro announced by OPPO also meets the Hi-res hardware standard of the Japan Audio Association, with a wider frequency range and guaranteed detail.

Smartphones can completely become pocket movie theater if they possess all of these factors | Mobile

Enhance the sound quality of headphones or external speakers with Dolby Atmos effect

Just like the display, the audio experience of the Reno3 series duo is not only strong in hardware but also in software upgrades. OPPO equips users with Dolby Atmos audio emulator – it is too famous for the standard surround sound in home soundbars as well as high-power speakers in speaker theaters. Accessing the custom section, we can switch between modes like Smart (automatically adjusts the sound according to the usage), exclusively for Movies, Games and Music.

After a few moments of watching mobile movies on the street and coming home, you can also use Reno3 | Reno3 Pro serves as a source for movies on a big screen when connected to a TV using the Screencast feature. This feature is for those who do not want to have to transfer a lot of data between devices, have an offline movie store or movies that are not available on streaming platforms like Netflix, or can also be useful in meetings to share. documents, slide shows.

Smartphones can completely become pocket movie theater if they possess all of these factors | Mobile

Admittedly, no mobile device can replace the theater viewing experience, with hundreds of inches of screen and powerful speakers! But with hardware-to-software products for ‘nerds’ like OPPO Reno3 | Reno3 Pro, users will be assured that they are getting the best mobile movie experience in the palm.

Reno3 – “Selfie Expert Level” is OPPO’s newly launched smartphone, leading the way with a trendy slim design and 44MP artistic night selfie capability.

From May 175-31, customers who buy OPPO Reno3 will receive a set of gifts including: stylish bluetooth speakers; Bonus 500,000VND (deducting from the selling price) and 0% installment payment

In addition, customers who buy OPPO Reno3 (from 1/6) or Reno3 Pro (from May 16) have the opportunity to own 1 of the 4 special cases designed by stylish experts. : Artist Viet Max, Designer Truong Thanh Long, Photographer Tang Tang, Fashionista Tu Hao.

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