Smart toilet can identify your “back hole” and take pictures for scientists to study

According to a recent article in Nature, scientists at Stanford University are conducting a very unique study: Taking pictures of human anus when they go to the toilet to check and evaluate the situation. their health status.

Specifically, scientists have invented a system to track the ability to “discharge sadness” of each individual in a certain time. All collected data (mostly images) are carefully stored by cloud computing technology, and play an important role in the research process for public health purposes. Although the world has embraced so many smart toilets in the past few years, this is probably the first time a toilet has been able to recognize and take pictures of “back doors” of people.

From defecation, scientists can assess the health status of people.

This special toilet, called Precision Health Toilet, is equipped with up to 4 cameras for different purposes: 1 stool stool, 1 anal stool and 2 urine flow monitors. The camera system will help the toilet analyze the quality as well as sort the human waste.

To avoid data confusion, Precision Health Toilet also has a built-in 2-layer identifier to distinguish between different users and their corresponding waste. The first layer of identification is the fingerprint sensor mounted on the water dispenser. The second layer is the aforementioned anal hole camera. Scientists say the purpose of this security technology is to avoid confusion and data tampering during the user’s experience.

Professor Seung-min Park, co-author of this unique study, said: “The use of human waste and anus as a biometric identifier is not a new topic. From the last century, great artist Salvador Dalí has ​​discovered that on each anal hole there are about 35 to 37 different wrinkles, unique like fingerprints.”.

Smart toilet can identify your back hole and take pictures for scientists to study | Live

This special toilet is equipped with camera system and advanced security layer.

The most important thing in this paper is that all data is sent to the cloud instead of stored in the toilet. Professor Park shared: “All information collected in the form of images and videos are clearly annotated and detailed by each specific user. They are then stored in the cloud via a wireless connection so scientists can easily download and conduct research.”.

In addition, Professor Park emphasized the privacy of the test participants as a top priority in this study: “We are always wary of data collected from users. The process of sending their photos, data, sensitive information is all end-to-end encrypted to ensure confidentiality. We have also used a special algorithm to classify anal photo data, capable of automatically processing data without human intervention.”. In addition, users’ images are encrypted and stored in an absolutely secure device.

Smart toilet can identify your back hole and take pictures for scientists to study | Live

The process of collecting and transmitting user data is encrypted and secured carefully.

Finally, Professor Park said the development of Precision Health Toilet is the first step in the public health research process. This includes the diagnosis of common conditions such as benign prostatic hyperplasia, irritable bowel syndrome and urinary tract infections: “This special toilet will play an important role in the study of human health. It can silently observe and monitor users without really interfering or affecting too much of their lives.”.

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