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‘Sisters’ of Samsung quarreled about Quantum Dot technology, Chinese TV company suddenly jumped in to benefit

A few months ago, Samsung Electronics and Samsung Display had a conflict over the use of the quantum dot technology QD (Quantum Dot).

The reason is related to the company’s current production costs and strategy, which makes Samsung Electronics reluctant to use quantum technology next year. More specifically, the cost of producing QD panels is higher than that of OLEDs and Samsung may want to avoid jumping into the quantum technology race as it already uses a variety of display technologies including OLED, micro-LED and LCD . Meanwhile, Samsung Display was forced to find customers for QD panels to compensate for its investments.

And according to the latest report from Business KoreaThe quarrel between the two Samsung sister companies has come to an end, when Samsung Display found a new partner for its Chinese TV maker TCL.

Specifically, the Chinese TV maker decided to receive QD panels from Samsung Display in the first half of next year, according to people in the components industry. And TCL is planning to introduce a 65-inch TV model based on a QD-OLED panel for the first time at the IFA event in Germany in September 2021.

Be aware that TCL is the Chinese company that sells the largest number of TVs in the world. TCL also ranked second in TV sales (5.76 million units) behind Samsung (8.62 million units) in the second quarter of 2020, according to market research firm Omdia.

Meanwhile, the report also confirmed that Samsung Electronics has no intention of adopting the QD panel for its TV lineup next year, and there is no new information on when quantum technology could become part of the industry. in the company’s TV business.

Samsung heir Lee Jae-yong visited Samsung Display on March 19, 2020.

Speaking more about LCD, this is yet another example of Samsung Display and Samsung Electronics conflicting interests. Samsung Display is ceasing production of LCD panels due to the inability to generate profits in this business, due to competitive pressure from Chinese companies.

But recent reports confirm that Samsung Electronics still orders LCD panels for its TVs. And it turns out, the LCD supplies Samsung Electronics received will come from CSOT, a display manufacturer based in China, owned by TCL.

In other words, TCL, not Samsung Electronics, will be the first TV manufacturer to use a QD panel from Samsung Display. At the same time, Samsung Electronics will receive LCD supplies from TCL’s subsidiary CSOT, instead of Samsung Display.

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