Since TI 10, DOTA2’s DPC system will be similarly organized with League format

Although there exist many differences between and gamers of 2 games DOTA2 and League of Legends I don’t like each other but I have to say that Riot Games’ way of doing Esports is better Valve. It is true that Worlds without money are usually as huge as The International but the influence and magnificence are too much different.

DOTA2’s International 2019 is worth more than $ 34 million but the influence is not commensurate with the value of the tournament.

Moreover, the current DPC system of Valve exists too many problems when the playground only revolves around the top teams, attending the Major is only a ticket to go to TI. Esports’ surrounding system, like advertising, sponsors for the Valve tournament, is given to third parties, and the lower teams are unsteady because they cannot compete.

So in the early 2020 period, Valve decided to completely reform its tournament system. They invited the most important leaders of the large DOTA2 organizations in the world to meet at Valve’s headquarters in Seattle to discuss this issue. According to the article in the LiquidDota forum, a landmark change is the disappearance of the Minor tournaments, instead the domestic tournament system of a region, similar to the LCK, LEC, LPL, VCS. … of League of Legends.

Since TI 10 DOTA2 s DPC system will be similarly organized with League format | Esports

League of Legends has a complete regional tournament system, something Valve itself is learning

The most important information about DOTA2’s new DPC season:

The number of Major dropped from 5 to 3 (most likely Major tournaments will take place like the Champions League of football, only the top teams in the regional tournament can attend).

The Minor system was eliminated, replacing it with regional leagues.

These League leagues are divided into two divisions, First and Second. After this League tournament has ended, the two teams ranked first in the First Division will play in the Second Division, whereas the top two teams in the Second Division will play in the First Division. 2 teams ranked 2nd in the league will lose their place and have to qualify for an expansion to return to the tournament.

Since TI 10 DOTA2 s DPC system will be similarly organized with League format | Esports

The number of Major tournaments of DOTA2 has been constantly changing over the years

However, this system of Valve still has many things that make people wonder. The first is the division of the team in first or second place, remember that DOTA2 does not have a unified power rankings like CS: GO (with HLTV power ranking) or has a previous system like League of Legends so this division will be extremely complicated.

Since TI 10 DOTA2 s DPC system will be similarly organized with League format | Esports

DOTA2 does not have a list of community-recognized teams such as HLTV ranking of CS: GO

Another problem is the transfer, Valve has so far kept this up and makes the good news of DOTA2 players extremely chaotic. If there is a regular tournament system, the problem of transfer must also be made clear, avoiding this situation in one team tomorrow in another. Besides, the distribution of bonuses or DPC points to get tickets to TI is still a question mark.

Since TI 10 DOTA2 s DPC system will be similarly organized with League format | Esports

Even the disorganized transfer of DOTA2 has become a meme as Arteezy constantly jumping back and forth between Evil Geniuses and Team Secret from 2015-2016.

Anyway, the above information just stopped at the “disclosure” only, the details still have to be notified by Valve. This is the first positive sign that Valve develops Esports of DOTA2 completely and systematically, instead of giving tournaments big and small to the third organization to do everything and I just focus on organizing The International like the last few years.

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