Simple ways of Luxury Boss to distinguish fake Patek Philippe watches

Boss Luxury is always up to date, looking for top-notch Patek Philippe models to serve customers.

With its reputation for excellence, and excellent watch quality, Patek Philippe products will have a really expensive price. To own a Patek Philippe watch, customers need to spend at least 500 million VND (about 20,000 USD). With the super complicated watches completed no less than 9 months, the price up to tens of billion.

Seeing the incredible opportunity to make money in it and from the need to profit, many companies and manufacturers have launched fake, low-quality Patek Philippe watches to deceive as well as profit from customers. To distinguish fake Patek Philippe watches from genuine goods, Boss Luxury sends you some useful tips below.

Look at the frame cover

Patek Philippe has used only precious metals so far to make its case. Yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and platinum are familiar materials to create watch cases, so every watch has achieved impressive luxury.

Simple ways of Luxury Boss to distinguish fake Patek Philippe watches | Explore

Sturdy chassis with perfect details

In addition, to save money, Patek Philippe watches will use stainless steel or lower cost materials to replace gold. The frame cover includes details such as the bezel, the timer knob, the bottom of the watch and the case. The details on the frame will be thoroughly completed.

Observe the dial of the clock

Patek Philippe has a lot of models, and many have similarly designed dials. To avoid buying counterfeit goods, consumers should look for information about the watch, see how the details and layout of the watch are, and pay attention to the small details that can be revealed. The quality of a fake, fake, shoddy watch. The smaller the details, the less attention the fake companies will pay.

Simple ways of Luxury Boss to distinguish fake Patek Philippe watches | Explore

The dial of the Patek Philippe is meticulously finished with distinctive signs.

The needle set is carefully crafted. The first is the style. The hands of Patek Philippe are often manipulated in a classic way like a leaf, except for the needle shape of Nautilus or Aquanaut watches – its sports product line. Regardless of the shape of the needle, they are bevelled thoughtfully, without a piece of redundancy.

Check strap

Patek Philippe watch straps are made of materials like crocodile skin and precious metals. For crocodile skin, you can check the water permeability of the watch strap. With a genuine crocodile leather watch, when a drop of water is put into the strap, the water will seep through the wire because this is an animal skin capable of absorbing water, but for fake watches, it will not be waterproof because it is usually made of leather. artificial.

Simple ways of Luxury Boss to distinguish fake Patek Philippe watches | Explore

With metal wire, first check the durability, then check the color and weight of the wire. For genuine watch straps, the watch will be heavier than a fake watch because basically materials like gold and platinum are heavy metals.

Operational apparatus

The complexity is reflected in the parts, in the way of finishing, decorating the clockwork. Regardless of whether or not the watch is revealed to the user, every detail of the movement will be meticulously decorated and perfected by Patek Philippe.

Simple ways of Luxury Boss to distinguish fake Patek Philippe watches | Explore

Modern Patek Philippe movement is always stamped with Patek Philippe Seal

Modern Patek Philippe movements always bear the Patek Philippe Seal, which affirms the quality of each watch. This mark can also be fake, but not fake. Go to the company’s website to find a real seal and compare with the watch you want to buy to determine the exact watch you are about to buy, which Boss Luxury also encourages you to do.

Address of purchase

For those who do not have experience distinguishing fake Patek Philippe watches, Boss Luxury recommends customers to go to exclusive watch distributors or genuine shops to buy. In addition, there are many addresses in the market that also sell genuine Patek Philippe watches that customers can trust. In the case of worry about buying fake, poor quality Patek Philippe watches, customers completely trust the boss Luxury – the leading brand of luxury brands in the industry, always putting quality and prestige top.

Come to Boss Luxury via 2 direct addresses: 60 Ngo Quyen, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi and 06 Cao Ba Quat, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. Or visit the website or, call the hotline 0889 60 60 60/0888 06 06 06 for advice and reference the latest watches at Boss Luxury.

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