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Similar to PUBG, PUBG Lite also has a headache with hacking, banning more than hundred thousand accounts

PUBG Lite is a lower-configuration version of PUBG, which has just been launched in some countries recently. PUBG Lite experience areas are gradually being expanded, and with the home page of this game on Facebook recently changing the wallpaper to the national flag of Vietnam, the fact that Vietnamese gamers will soon be able to play PUBG Lite in The near future is completely grounded.

But before Vietnam joined the group of areas that PUBG Lite covered, this version is facing a storm of hacking rampant by gamers from everywhere. This is the second time PUBG Lite has issued a mass ban with multiple fraudulent accounts, players who hack or use third-party software to interfere in the game to use special features to themselves. better than others have been punished.

A few days ago, PUBG Lite announced on its Facebook page a long list of banned player accounts, with the following message:

“This is the number of banned accounts in the past week. We do not condone the use of any unauthorized program for PUBG Lite, we will take serious action, and will not tolerate those who cause it.” so injustice ”

During the period from January 2 to January 8, PUBG Lite permanently banned 13,390 accounts of infringement, the number of players attacking a team for the first time was 3,412, while the number of accounts violating this error came times. The second is 186.

Similar to PUBG PUBG Lite also has a headache with hacking banning more than hundred thousand accounts | Game Online

Obviously all of today’s games have hacking problems, but it seems that this issue is especially serious with PUBG Lite, which is evident if we look at the list of accounts subject to hacking. The ban was for the first time 1 week ago, the number at that time was only 7,000 accounts. But with the 2nd ban recently, the list has nearly doubled, and only after 1 week.

Understandably why PUBG Lite executives are so aggressive, surely they do not want their newly born children to suffer the same rampant hacking situation as its original version, and only have real jobs drastically new help PUBG Lite against the cheating players.

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