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Shroud was angry when he heard that Valorant was about to launch: ‘Damn, this game is not ready, Riot is too wrong’

Since the launch of the closed beta on April 7, Valorant has really brought a lot of success, exceeding the expectations of Riot Games by continuously breaking records for the number of viewers and players. . Therefore, it is not too difficult to understand that after a period of launch, Valorant was announced about its official release on June 2.

Valorant will officially be released on 2/6 to come here

For many people, that might be good news. However, according to Shroud, it was definitely one of Riot Games’ fatal mistakes. From the opinion of the famous streamer, Valorant is not quite ready, and its launch is only about a week away, or to be frank.

It is not ready, Valorant is not ready at the moment. I don’t know what stupid things they (game developers) want to do. I think they were driven by pressure from Riot Games“- Shroud got angry on the wave. The streamer later believed that even the developers of this game probably understood that Valorant could not officially launch, because the game still lacks a lot of details. To be perfect, and forcing Valorant to appear early is a bad signal.

Shroud was angry when he heard that Valorant was about to launch Damn this game is not ready Riot is too wrong | Game Online

Shroud thinks that Valorant debuting at the present time is not appropriate at all

However, Shroud then hoped that in the near future, Valorant would have some changes to really become more complete, but this is relatively difficult. Admittedly, despite his criticism, Shroud personally is also one of the devotees of the Valorant series, and with his frequent experience and love of the game, how does this guy feel? it must be the time of Riot Games so the release is also understandable. However, in a different perspective, gamers, especially those who have not had the opportunity to interact with Valorant, have only one thought: Game out as soon as possible.

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