Should you play games with curved screens?

A relatively popular product in recent years, curved screens have not only been used on TVs, but have also gradually become the standard on many people’s desktops. However, not all of us feel the benefits of curved screens over flat screens in many different situations. Therefore, today’s article will give an overview of both advantages when using curved screen in battle.

What is curved screen

Curved screen designs have started to appear since 2014 when some TV manufacturers have introduced curved screen models to families with many ads about its special benefits. Although this product initially only caught the curiosity of the users, the continuous price reduction in recent years has created many conditions for users to own a curved screen with a resolution. 4K and large screen size.

Should you play games with curved screens | PC/Console

From a physical point of view, there is not much difference between a curved and flat screen, except that the screen is indeed curved. Their curvature is expressed by the R-index – called the radius and measured in millimeters. Currently we have three common R standards: 1800R, 3000R and 4000R. The lower the number, the greater the curvature. However, we still have many other standards between the 3 numbers mentioned above. With current curved screens, manufacturers can make it to the smallest size of 24 inches, but choosing a minimum screen of 32 inches is considered the best because the visual effects will not good when the screen size decreases.

Should you play games with curved screens | PC/Console

Benefits of curved screens

The first benefit of using curved screens is because they reproduce the viewing space closest to the human eye compared to flat screens. When you are experiencing a game, the curved screen creates the illusion of distance between the human eye and the objects in the game. It is this effect that helps the player feel immersed in the flow of the game and this is also applied as thoroughly as with TVs and certain cinemas.

Should you play games with curved screens | PC/Console

Plus, the curved screen is also better for your eyes. In addition to also having a blue light filter that can affect sleep, the curved screen keeps every image at a even distance from your eyes. Thanks to this, your eyes will operate less when adjusting images at different distances, thus helping to lessen eye fatigue. At the same time, the curved screen also helps to reduce the symptoms of headache when having to look at the computer screen for a long time. In addition, curved screens also have better color consistency and allow users to have a wider field of view than flat screens.

Cons of curved screen

Should you play games with curved screens | PC/Console

Price is the first barrier for every gamer. Like a flat screen, the larger the size, the higher the price. In addition, with features such as G-sync, scanning speed, high resolution, blue light filtering and many other features, the price of a curved screen will be very high. Typically we have the Acer Predator 34-inch Curved UltraWide screen, which is priced at around 22 million VND. And once you have a curved screen, you’ll have to give it a bigger space and it will be difficult to mount the wall compared to a flat screen.

Should you play games with curved screens | PC/Console

Another weakness of the curved screen is that it will still be glare at certain viewing angles. Therefore, during the installation process, gamers should try to avoid directing strong light sources to the screen, especially not for sunlight. In addition, if you just want to use one type of monitor for normal work and entertainment, flat panel displays will still be a reasonable choice, especially for those working in the design array. This is because the curved screen will distort the straight lines in the screen and affect the user’s design.

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