Should we use Bitdefender Total Security version 2021?

Bitdefender is working on a more frequent release of new features and features that will be released to users as soon as they are ready.

This is slowly gaining popularity and importance as many users prefer the way the app is updated continuously instead of an annual update. Especially for anti-virus software!

The main changes Bitdefender Total Security this year is that it has improved vulnerability scanning, and in my opinion the interface showing the scan results is much more intuitive than before.

You can easily see problems with operating system updates, Windows account password strength, web browser’s security level, network problems and other applications …

Bitdefender has also changed its VPN protocol to the proprietary Hydra Catapult VPN protocol from manufacturer HotSpot Shield AnchorFree.

In addition, the VPN already has the function of disconnecting from the Internet, US Netflix is ​​supported, and dedicated apps for major platforms.

NOTE: If you do not know what a VPN is, read this article: How to use WARP released by Cloudflare, 100% FREE

Generally speaking, the latest version of Bitdefender on Windows 10 operating system looks quite similar to previous years, but of course it will have some better improvements, simplifying the overall interface.

As usual, the left menu bar has those main options Dashboard, Protection, Privacy, and Utilities.

There are two reworked options Notifications and Settings. The redesigned interface is much simpler compared to the previous release, there are also options for Account and support – Both options have been moved to the upper right corner of the window.

The design inside each module is also simpler, with smaller boxes for each option making it easier for the user to read.

Before, parts like Protection just a bunch of sliders, but it’s different now. You can still find all the sliders before, only they are one level deeper, the purpose is to clearly explain each of its features and functionality.

The Dashboard defaults currently include three types of scans (quick scan, system scan and vulnerability scan), as well as a VPN and Safepay portal and a pane for you to add more options.

Switching over to the tab Protection, you can notice that the features of Safe Files not there anymore. Instead is a list of Bitdefender’s ransomware monitoring features to protect files from malicious encryption.

Should we use Bitdefender Total Security version 2021 | Evaluate

Bitdefender says it still has ransomware protection, but for now it’s only part of the option’s feature. Ransomware Remediation present.

This feature was originally a ransomware recovery, but now it is built to protect against the “latest ransomware attacks in [cấp] system ”, according to a Bitdefender representative said that it is.

Safe Files isn’t the only old feature removed. Bitdefender also removed a number of former utilities including File Vault, Startup Optimizer, and Disk Cleanup.

Bitdefender comes with a customizable firewall that allows you to control the access of any applications coming into and out of the network, and has an alert mode if each application requests to connect to the Internet.

In addition to basic protection, Bitdefender Total Security also includes a password manager and VPN as I mentioned above.

There is also Safepay – sandbox browser, which helps keep your information secure so you can make payments and transactions online more securely, password manager and tracking protection for browsing in Microsoft Edge, Firefox or Google Chrome.

Part Utilities has also been redesigned to be more compact and efficient. There’s still a one-click optimizer that removes unnecessary files from your device, configuring how your antivirus software works based on what you’re doing (game mode, movie mode, etc.) and a named file shredder Data Protection.

Should we use Bitdefender Total Security version 2021 | Evaluate

Bitdefender also has a cloud component called Bitdefender Central, which contains the feature Digital Identity Protection Its new (Digital Identity Protection).

This service will monitor your personal data and alert you when your information accesses the so-called “Dark Web”. Of course, this service will not be free, you will have to spend another 60 $ (about 1,350,000 VND). A pretty hefty price tag, while many others give you this service free of charge.

The parental control feature for parents is used in Bitdefender CentralThis feature supports the ability to limit screen time and view application activity, device location, recently added phone contacts and browsing history.

Bitdefender Total Security is currently priced at $ 45 / year, including up to five devices. Standard price is 90 USD.

1 $ ~ 23,000,000 VND

Should we use Bitdefender Total Security version 2021 | Evaluate

Bitdefender is still famous for being an antivirus software that works quite quietly, with no significant effect on device performance in a number of tests including Benchmarks scores, large file storage and encryption. video…

For its security software, Bitdefender scored 100% in May and June 2020 for malware tests (zero-day and popular AV-Test articles).

During the Real World Protection test from February to May 2020, Bitdefender blocked 99.3% of threats, with two false attempts, based on 754 test cases.

That performance is a bit worse than Avast, AVG, Avira, Eset, F-Secure, K7, Kaspersky, Microsoft, Norton, Panda, and Trend Micro.

In AV-Comparatives’ anti-malware protection test from March 2020, with more than 10,000 test cases, Bitdefender blocked 99.98% of threats. The result is quite amazing.

In short, Bitdefender Total Security is still one of the best anti-virus software to use. If possible, you should equip your computer.

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