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Should participate in making money with Ezoic ad network?

Many of you think that if you have successfully registered for Google Adsense and then turned on Auto Ads, you can sit and wait for the revenue to return to your pocket.

This is true, but how much revenue is important

When your website reaches a certain size, I’m sure you will look for solutions to optimize your income. It could be placing another ad network, placing a business banner or finding a way to optimize an existing ad…

You will need to know more information: like which articles are generating the most revenue, profit statistics per author, which Ads positions are most effective, etc., and most importantly, how to maximize them. advantage of advertising revenue.

That’s when you need Ezoic, a Google Partner platform (Google’s partner), using artificial intelligence to help webmasters automatically optimize ad types, ad sizes, support analytics/statistics performance of each ad on your website.

#first. Advantages of Ezoic

You should remember this is a platform with the center of

ad tester

not merely placing ads like Google Adsense.

So, with this technology, Ezoic’s strength is the ability to find the best ad placement, as well as the most attractive ad content for users to click on the most (the purpose is to get CPC). & highest CTR).

In addition, Ezoic also analyzes the behavior of each user on each PC/Mobile platform to adjust ads accordingly, both to ensure that the ad content is suitable for the website, and to ensure that the design of the ad does not. affects the layout of the current website.

With the available advantage of Adsense that the context-ads are already perfect, the design is beautiful, the content is attractive, now with Ezoic, advertising will be raised to a new level, its task is to add more content for the website, reducing bounce-rate instead of annoying users like traditional ads.

Should participate in making money with Ezoic ad network | Online Marketing & MMO

In fact, Google Adsense also has a lot of tools to optimize Ads such as Generate Ads code to set manually, Experimental, Test Ads, … allowing you to optimize ads on your website yourself.

But I rarely use the above tools because I am afraid that Auto Ads is already very good, if I switch to manual, it will cause loss of revenue, and I am very lazy, just turn on Auto Ads for good ^^

To summarize a few key advantages of Ezoic are as follows:

  1. Significantly improved revenue (2, 3 times compared to Google Adsense).
  2. Advertising revenue is often proportional to the time you participate in Ezoic, because over time the test efficiency will be significantly higher.
  3. Support Vietnam market.
  4. There are settings to improve web speed such as CDN, Caching, Site Speed…
  5. Low payment threshold, 20$ is that you can withdraw money to your account already (pay via Paypal or Payoneer).
  6. Ezoic ads can be run in parallel with other ad networks, if I use Google Adsense, I’m usually very shy about this, scared to death.
  7. The support staff is very enthusiastic, if you find the ad setup process too difficult for you, you can open tickets for help.

Many brothers in Vietnam also participate in the Ezoic advertising network and also have very positive feedback. Most of them rate it as reputable, transparent and clear. More important is the obvious revenue improvement.

I think, if you are failing to register for Google Adsense, then Ezoic will be a great choice for your website!

#2. Disadvantages of Ezoic . ad network

  • Ads will probably show more than you put Google Adsense.
  • Also for the above reason, the web loading speed may be a bit slower.
  • The condition to register for Ezoic is greater than 10,000 pageviews (pageview)/month. Under this condition, you will be limited to some things.
  • Signing up and setting up ads can seem a bit complicated for newbies

#3. Use AI (artificial intelligence) to find the right ad placement

Should participate in making money with Ezoic ad network | Online Marketing & MMO

There is no doubt that Google Auto Ads is also powered by AI, but Ezoic also brings AI ads tester to the next level with tools that support deep customization.

I used Google’s Auto Ads, but I also had to manually remove a lot of unreasonable ad placements that this tool suggested.

Ezoic can be combined with Extensions on web browsers so that you can easily adjust the ads as you want, no matter how automatic, it still needs you to tweak it a little to be perfect.

Should participate in making money with Ezoic ad network | Online Marketing & MMO

In addition, Ezoic is also committed to expanding the partners that buy ads on your web, thereby finding the most profitable advertising for you.

I see a lot of foreign reviews about Ezoic, most of them are positive, the websites after integration have significantly increased indexes, on average:

  1. Session duration increased by 21%
  2. Monthly traffic increased by 36%
  3. Monthly advertising profits increased by 93%
  4. Ad revenue/user session increased by 87%

As I mentioned in the advantages section, revenue will be proportional to time, which means Ezoic needs time to find the most suitable ad display position.

That’s when it does the test, this test usually lasts about 12 weeks and after these 12 weeks, your web/blog will run ads with Ezoic at the best income.

#4. How to register for an advertising code on Ezoic


+ Step 1:

You access this link => then click

Get Started

to begin!

+ Step 2:

Watch a video on how to set up ad code.

In addition, Ezoic also has a lot of videos sharing on how to use, as well as optimal experiences to achieve higher revenue. You can watch the videos on their channel here Please !


If your website/blog uses the WordPress source code, you are also provided Plugins by Ezoicwhich makes it easier to set up ads.

During the support process, Ezoic may ask you to connect your Google Analytics account to Ezoic’s email account.

The main purpose is for them to see your website’s current traffic statistics, so that they can install and optimize the best ads for you. And also to see if the traffic meets their requirements.

In general, this setup step will require a lot of support, so don’t worry guys, if you don’t know English, just Google Translate and they will still understand as usual 😀

In short, the process of placing ads will look like this:

  1. Sign up for an Ezoic account
  2. Integrate Ezoic into the web (possibly through DNS, Cloudflare, or Ezoic Plugins)
  3. Email Support for them to place ads
  4. Share Permission to View Google Analytics Account
  5. Sign up for an AdExchange account
  6. Set up a receiving account

Should participate in making money with Ezoic ad network | Online Marketing & MMO

#4. Epilogue

I would like to reiterate that Ezoic is an Ad Tester platform at its core, not a regular Ad Network, in case you misunderstood.

You need traffic of at least 10,000 pageviews/month and an activated Adsense account to enable ad monetization features.

If your website does not have enough 10,000 pageviews/month, you can still leave the integration of Ezoic as it is and wait for approval later, other features such as: website acceleration, analytic, ssl, … you can still use it for free normally .

When it goes into integration, Ezoic will ask for permission to control your Google Analytics to get publisher, buyer, etc information and then optimize and output ads on your website.

In exchange for the above optimizations, Ezoic can put its ads on your website or collect 10% of advertising profits, but I think that’s very reasonable!

Hope you guys make a lot of money with this Ezoic ad network ^^ !

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