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Shocking moments, leaving an unforgettable impression in famous game super products

Have you ever caught a moment in the game where you have to stop, put down your controller and be amazed at what is seen? Of course, each game has different ways to surprise us, it depends on many elements, colors of the game. It could be anything from a big turnaround or an incredible boss battle or something visually stunning or an ingenious game design that makes you truly impressed. .

Here are the moments that we consider to have made the strongest impression on players over the past decade, which are definitely missing in this article, so please bring Please check out your options in the comments.


The train scene in part 2 of the Uncharted series really impressed gamers, like the rest of this game. Naughty Dog has shown the world how well they can bring blockbuster action scenes to players, even without adding too many epic cutscenes. This train scene has incorporated the best that players enjoy in Uncharted. Platform, combat, action, and flashy cutscenes all combine into a single, even better, seamless sequence by the fact that they are all fully interacting with each other. Although the Uncharted series has a lot of memorable scenes, like the plane crash in season 3, or the chase phase of the Jeep in part 4. But nothing as shocking as the train scene in season 2.


Shocking moments leaving an unforgettable impression in famous game super products | Game Online

Telltale surprised everyone when they released The Walking Dead in 2012. It was an engaging, memorable experience, and perhaps one of the best games of the year. The game has a compelling, touching story revolving around an extremely adorable cast of characters, very well-written, and The Walking Dead is never afraid to take risks. The end of season one is, perhaps, a symbol of that truth. Players have spent almost a dozen hours playing Lee Everett, and having to say goodbye when he dies in the closing moments of the game is truly heartbreaking. The fact that poor little Clementine had to be the last trigger turned a dire moment into a tearful one.


Shocking moments leaving an unforgettable impression in famous game super products | Game Online

As it approaches its end, Red Dead Redemption has been a trip to hell, one that will be remembered as one of the greatest of the past decade. This special moment takes the game to an extremely high level. When the story ended and things started to settle down, Red Dead Redemption delivered one final punch at the game’s fans. When John Marston was enjoying a good time with his family, he was suddenly ambushed and brutally killed by a large force. It was a moment that no one could think of, and one that had a huge impact on the player, because Marston was really likable, he was loved by many gamers throughout the game.


Shocking moments leaving an unforgettable impression in famous game super products | Game Online

Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto franchise never shied away from delivering direct, outrageous moments, but the series rarely did something as outrageous, violent, and disturbing as the torture scene. in GTA 5. In a mission that allows the player to alternate control of Michael and Trevor, the player is involved in torturing a man who, according to everyone, is completely unworthy of it. The game has not shied away from showing players all the bloody details, and we must be the ones directly involved, and be responsible for the decision to make the methods of torturing and torturing the victim. making this entire scene a lot more shocking.

The Last Of Us

Shocking moments leaving an unforgettable impression in famous game super products | Game Online

The Last of Us is an unforgettable journey from start to finish, with loads of emotional moments. But one of the moments of real attachment to players is the end of this game. The game has slowly come up with details for players to understand one thing, that you are actually playing the role of a villain – at least from the perspective of humanity in general. But what makes it so great is that The Last of Us never took this too seriously either.

The relationship between Joel and Ellie is at the heart of the story the game wants to give us. And the fact that Joel decided to save Ellie, despite indirectly jeopardizing the future of the entire human race and mercilessly killing many to achieve his goal. But in terms of feelings for Ellie, this is a perfectly reasonable decision of Joel, although in terms of people in general, it is really terrible. The end of the game is not at all a happy ending, it’s unique, but leaves players feeling uncomfortable about what Joel, a man we’ve been with throughout the game has done. . An ending causes a lot of thought for players every time they think about.

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