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Shock! A very large MOBA game NPH accused of using “dirty games” to prevent gamers from playing League of Legends: Express War?

The moment when gamers can experience League of Legends: Quick Chien comfortably without waiting for dignity is only counted by days. Specifically, according to the announcement from Riot Games, which was broadcast on October 16, October 27, Pacific time, players Fully able to play League: Fast Open Beta without having to wait for any invitation from Riot.

However, in many Southeast Asian countries, players may have to wait until October 28 to download this game. However, whether 27 or 28, it is not as important as the most anticipated MOBA game on mobile platforms. to be officially released soon.

With MOBA game market share on mobile platforms has been dominated Because two products are Lien Quan Mobile (Arena of Valor in the international market) and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (in many Southeast Asian countries), the presence of League: Speed ​​War will open a lot of things. competition is extremely interesting in the near future.

League of Legends: Speed ​​Chien, with the perfect inheritance position of all the values ​​and quintessence of League of Legends, obviously has many advantages and especially receives the attention of numerous gamers around the world. gender. Therefore, many gamers of Lien Quan, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang or even the publisher feel somewhat worried about may lose market share League of Legends: Quick Chien officially launched.

Shock A very large MOBA game NPH accused of using dirty games to prevent gamers from playing League of Legends Express War | Mobile & Social

Moonton was accused of bribing players to not play League of Legends: Toc Chien

Recently, in the Southeast Asian market, but specifically in Indonesia, a player denounced Moonton, the company that developed and released Mobile Legends: Bang Bang in many markets in the region. used dirty tricks to prevent and entice gamers not to play League of Legends: Rapid War.

Specifically, this player wrote on Twitter as follows: “I heard about some nasty news about the competition between Express Chien and ML (Mobile Legends) in Indonesia. A few days ago, some ML players were. (Mobile Legends) pro says “we did be paid by someone else in order not to play Rapid War “.

Posts bold character “peel off” This was shared on a group about League of Legends: Express Chien in a foreign country and quickly received a great deal of interaction when there were 322 shares. Be aware that Indonesia is considered one of the largest markets for Mobile Legends, so surely the publisher does not want to lose his market share.

Shock A very large MOBA game NPH accused of using dirty games to prevent gamers from playing League of Legends Express War | Mobile & Social

Is this the reason that Indonesia was designated as the first country to test League of Legends: Fast Chien Closed Beta on September 16, so that Riot can “win” this lucrative market share? Of course, Moonton’s “bribery” story Still not or may never be verified in Indonesia, but it can also be seen how the psychology of players in this country is “wobbly” when Express Chien is nearing the official launch date.

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