Shazam will return as Captain Marvel in the near future

You have not read it wrong. For those who are new to comics Captain Marvel is Marvel’s also Shazam is DC’s, but in fact Shazam is actually the first Captain Marvel. So first, before talking about the reason for using the old name, let’s find out how true this is.

In 1939, the character Billy Baston – Captain Marvel was born at Fawcett Comics, under the kneading of writer Bill Parker and artist C.C Beck. He first appeared at the beginning of Whiz Comics # 2, and since then, Captain Marvel has become the most outstanding superhero, even surpassing Superman and well received. In turn, characters including Captain Marvel Jr (late 1941) and Mary Marvel (late 1942) were released in later titles. Definition “Marvel Family”” target=”_new”> “Marvel Family” was born from that.

In that situation, a copyright lawsuit between DC and Fawcett broke out, due to many people thinking that Captain Marvel was just a copy of Superman. The hearing began in 1941, and in 1948 both sides took each other to court. However, DC lost the lawsuit because … they have never proven copyright on Superman, meaning that even if Fawcett violated, DC has no right to sue them. Not accepting, DC immediately sued to federal court for copyright recognition, so that they have a certain advantage.

Shazam will return as Captain Marvel in the near future | Manga/Film

The lawsuit between DC and Fawcett broke out.

By 1952, due to the decline in profits of superhero stories after World War II and the pursuit of a long-term lawsuit, Fawcett paid DC $ 400,000 and agreed to stop publishing about Captain Marvel. Later, in 1972, DC bought / or hired it and took it after Fawcett went bankrupt in 1980, and the copyright to produce the story about Captain Marvel and the Marvel Family returned to DC.

However, during the Silver Age, the comics industry emerged as a man and registered half of Captain Marvel’s name. It was Marvel Comics, its predecessor was Atlas Comics after changing its name in 1961. To assert ownership with the name “Marvel”, they quickly registered the copyright and created the character Captain Marvel (Mar- Vell) in 1967. It also means that Marvel has surpassed DC in terms of trademark rights, and the original Captain Marvel – Captain Marvel was not allowed to use his own name because of a Captain Marvel filed. stamen.

Shazam will return as Captain Marvel in the near future | Manga/Film

This makes Marvel Comics very uncomfortable, but they absolutely can not do DC. Even in the crossovers series between 2 firms: DC vs. Marvel (1996), Marvel Comics still has to let Shazam! is called “Captain Marvel” in the beginning of the story, and their Captain Marvel is not appearing.

Shazam will return as Captain Marvel in the near future | Manga/Film

In 2011, in order to avoid touching as well as familiarizing the audience with innovation, DC officially changed the name of Captain Marvel completely to Shazam! in the reboot of New 52.

However, Shazam will return to the old name of Captain Marvel in the fight with Superboy-Prime, the rebellious version of Superman from another universe, in the near future. The reason is because Superboy-Prime just got out of prison and imprisoned him and with the memory from before the reboot of New 52, ​​he will call Shazam / Billy Batson by the old name of this hero.

Shazam will return as Captain Marvel in the near future | Manga/Film

* Superboy-Prime is known as one of the most brutal Superman versions of DC. His origins are very different from Superman, such as being teleported to Earth by his father, adopted by Jeremy & Naomi Kent or possessed by the super powers activated by comet Halley flying across the Earth and so on. As his only superhero on Earth, Superboy-Prime once moved to another dimension with Earth-Two’s Superman, Earth-Two’s Lois Lane and Alexander Luthor Jr. of Earth-Three after the first CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS crisis, the event Anti-Monitor destroyed his Earth.

Shazam will return as Captain Marvel in the near future | Manga/Film

Superboy Prime will soon let Shazam Family eat onions in the near future.

After observing New Earth for a while and thinking that the superheroes of this place are becoming corrupted, Superboy-Prime breaks reality, heads to Earth and causes a series of deaths of superheroes and superheroes. Crimes in the World & many members of the Green Lantern Corps during the INFINITE CRISIS event. Not only that, throughout the events of DC, he launched massacres of other superheroes across the Multiverse … until he was confined to Superboy & Supergirl in Source Wall, the wall surrounding Da DC universe.

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