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‘Shark bite cable’ and the feelings of gamers when at home the epidemic

Many people may think that being at home during a season will be a time for gamers to enjoy a relaxing time playing games. However, not everyone understands, even though they can play real games but besides that, there are also countless feelings of gamers, and certainly, many people wish that the epidemic would be repelled soon and have Can return to daily life fighting.

Poor network quality

It is recommended that no urgent business should not go out, so the number of people at home is also much and that is proportional to the number of Internet users at the same time increasing. And recently, many Vietnamese gamers have had to go online to heaven for the quality of the network is going down badly, especially at peak times like the evening. Network lag, playing game only jerks, who would be happy.

The general situation of many people when accessing YouTube

In addition, the fact that it is very difficult to access popular websites such as Youtube, Facebook also brings a lot of inhibition for gamers during their time at home because of this disease.

Not even playing games

That’s exactly what gamers of many FPS games like CS: GO or PUBG or more recently Call of Duty: Warzone are complaining. The plague season, net shops, cyber games were closed, and that almost destroyed the gaming path of many people.

 Shark bite cable and the feelings of gamers when at home the epidemic | Game Online

Not every home computer can play high-end games like PUBG

Remember, the above gaeme FPS titles are very demanding on the configuration, and also need a good mouse, keys to be able to enjoy the best. And not every gamer has a separate home corner to be able to do this.

And above all, you will not be able to focus on gaming

This is probably the most important thing. Staying at home free, not having to study or work, there is plenty of time to play games, this is definitely a dream. Because you simply cannot be at home alone but will be accompanied by relatives such as parents, or wives and children.

Not going to school, the young gamers will not be able to spend all the time, enthusiasm for the game when it is the eyes always watching from the parents. Likewise the husbands, running away from the housework as well as babysitting.

 Shark bite cable and the feelings of gamers when at home the epidemic | Game Online

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